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Posted on June 23, 2020

Homework can be quite difficult and incomprehensible. But exactly with the help of it, students are able to assimilate material, realize their mistakes, and most importantly, to develop. Essay work is an invaluable experience for every student. It cannot be neglected, because this type of task consolidates not only the material covered, but also develops creativity in students. Everyone who takes up writing work makes their brains work actively, accelerating mental activity. This supports the person in good shape and develops the ability to logical thinking and correct speech. Indeed, only by practicing in expressing thoughts and opinions in writing, students gain the experience and knowledge necessary for personal growth.

However, we cannot ignore the difficulties that may be encountered in the performance of work. Of course, these difficulties can be overcome if you know what is required of you. An essay is a painstaking work not only on the laconicism of the presentation of thoughts. Writing such a task requires the ability to analyze the material that you need to invest in the body of the work. Also, a written assignment involves the presentation of factual and research data on which the main idea of writing should be based.

Of course, there are many nuances but do not panic in advance. In order to reduce the number of obstacles, you need to know the rules of the game. Thanks to this manual, each student will learn about all the intricacies of working on critical thinking essay in biology. All secrets are revealed, and therefore there are no barriers between you and excellent work. Want to get the highest score? Then proceed right now!

If You Start the Work – Do It Well

Biology is an insanely interesting subject, and writing an essay in this direction has a huge number of advantages. In order to get all the benefits from work and to be in time within the deadlines set by the teacher, remember these few rules:

  1. Remember about the goal. The standard paper size is approximately 400-800 words divided into thematic paragraphs. But the whole process consists not only of direct writing. Students need to delve into their topic, try to understand it and find answers to questions that arise during the study. This type of work also requires a thorough analysis of facts and theories. Depending on the topic, students may need to prove the theory of cell development or the appropriateness of drug search methods.
  2. This subject is multifaceted, but, like any science, it requires accuracy and confirmation of the speculation with facts and statistics. The search for these components may require significantly more time than the design of the paper itself. That is why you need to start the task as soon as possible because at work time slips away instantly. Therefore, follow the rule: just heard it – write down it. This will free your memory and prevent the important things from slipping out of sight and getting lost in the bowels of extraneous deeds.

  3. Plan your work. It’s hard to do without planning, and students just need to include it in the list of compulsory items for survival in their student years. Why is this so necessary? Everything is based on the amount of execution. Our brain is capable of multitasking, but quite often, under the influence of various factors (for example, nerves or emergency situations), one of the points may be forgotten. This can definitely lead to quite unpleasant consequences, and you can avoid this with planning.
  4. Allocate a couple of days for the essay, during which you will be able to do the preparation, writing, and proofreading of the text. Of course, you can cope in one day, but this can significantly affect the state of the student, as well as the quality of the home task. Indeed, for a qualitative result, you need to make a lot of effort. And in order to conduct a thorough analysis, to provide weighty arguments that will support your point of view, it may take all 24 hours. Can you imagine what effect this can have on your health? You probably know, thanks to such a subject as biology.
    These two simple points will be the key to the quality and timely completion of tasks.

How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay in Biology: Items that Make the Way to the Desired Ideal Much Easier

You need to plan not only all day but also the writing process itself. Essays can usually be divided into several stages:

  • Study of material according to the topic;
  • Identification of the main questions of the essay and the search for answers;
  • Formation of the main idea of the essay;
  • Writing the main part of the paper;
  • The wording of the introduction to the text;
  • Summing up the study of the topic and the evidence found;
  • Search and mistake correction.

Each of the stages is an integral part of a full-fledged essay on biology. This should be taken into account without fail so build a work plan based on these points. It is also desirable to preserve the sequence because this is the way to organize the entire writing process most competently.

The Subject of the Paper Is the Starting Point for Work

This is exactly what gives a start for the development of thoughts. There are several ways to get a topic:

  • Choose yourself;
  • Confide in the choice of teacher.

Each of the options is good in its own way. Choosing your own is convenient when you know what you want. This is an excellent option in order to be based on the knowledge that is already stored in the head and which is more interesting than the rest of the material.
Your theme may sound different. Here are a couple of good samples:

  • The Evolution of Mankind: The Finish Line Or We Still Have The Way To Evolve;
  • How Hypnosis Can Be Substantiated Scientifically?
  • How Science Explains ‘Butterflies In The Stomach’?

Getting the already chosen topic from the teacher can greatly simplify the task of selecting topics for those who do not know what to focus on in their work by themselves. This significantly saves time and helps to cast aside doubts and eliminate confusion.

Familiarization with Sources and Selection of Arguments

When the work on the selection is completed, you need to proceed to the search for sources. The main thing is to pay attention to official resources on which reliable material can be found. This needs to be tracked, because this essay is about science, and it loves accuracy and reliability.

Recommendations: while studying and searching for material, it is best to make callouts in the document. They can be used as strongholds to maintain and develop your idea. The main issues that carry key data are also best placed as sub-headings of the paragraph.

The structure of the essay should resemble a game of questions and the answers. Of course, this is conditional, but the essence is similar. Each paragraph should include a question, analysis of the situation from the question and confirmation of the analysis made by material from sources. Such a scheme will make the essay informative and competent. A great way to prove your theory or point of view is to use the links to the used resource.

Work on the Thesis – the Main Idea of the Essay

At the very beginning of any work, there should be something that points to the essence of the paper. The purpose of the thesis is to indicate to the reader the direction of the author’s thoughts. It’s like warming up the audience before the performance of the main artist, briefly, interestingly and intriguingly. In total, the volume is one or two sentences. If you can use quotes from the material found, this will be excellent.

Writing the Main Body of the Paper

The body of the document is all those callouts, arguments and questions that you prepared in the previous paragraphs. To some persons, this may seem easy, to others the opposite hard. After all, combining different info into a single whole text is not always easy. When working on the main part, you need to carefully monitor the transitions from one paragraph to another. After all, an essay should be a whole and represent complete material.

There is an option to work on each paragraph individually. Thus, you can create the main islands-points, and then connect them with a couple of sentences. This type of writing, despite the scientific approach, should have a concise and literary look. You must also remember to maintain the original direction of your thoughts, which was set in the thesis. The teacher will first of all note the sequence of development of the topic and how deeply the material has been studied. Believe that this will be clear from what arguments you will use.

Creating an Introduction

Despite the fact that the introduction is located at the very beginning of the paper, it is most convenient to do its design after the main work has been written. Why? Because in this case, you already know what the analysis of the material from the sources led to. Also, with the help of this introductory passage, the reader will be clear about your position regarding the problem that the title of your essay is affecting. The introduction is also used as a field for a thesis. The thesis clarifies your introduction and makes the transition to the main part of the text more logical.

Summing up the Study of the Topic and the Evidence Found

Each work should have results, and an essay on biology is no exception. For the teacher, this is an indicator of how much the student understood by oneself, what he or she is talking about in the lines. After all, any task can be written off or spied on by someone, but the conclusions will clearly show who completed this task.

What should the perfect conclusion look like? First of all, it is necessary to confirm the idea that was started in the introduction and in the thesis itself. Thus, you can put a logical point in your statements, and the reader will have no reason for speculation and ‘flight of imagination’. After all, an essay on biology should be clear and have scientific justification. With its help, the student shows own attitude to theories and facts, in contrast to literary works, where asking rhetorical questions is the norm.

The last paragraph of the work should not contain new topics that were not mentioned in the body of the paper. Also, there should not be new questions and statements. The main task, at last, is to recall the strengths of our analysis and evidence of a general point of view.

Search and Correction of Mistakes

This is the last stage which will give 100 percent confidence that you did everything right. Finding your mistakes may not be so easy, because when the work is done, we are most often in a tired state. Our view of the work cannot be objective, which greatly complicates the task. That is why the primary task is to distract. It is necessary to allocate at least a couple of hours for the rest. The student will surely find other important activities that could be completed during this break. It can be homework in another subject, or you can take this time by cleaning or preparing sweets for yourself.

Ideally, it’s best to set aside this time for relaxation. It can be an active or passive kind, for example, walking in the park, riding a bicycle or just lying on the couch. After all, our body needs a pause to be able to provide us with the necessary forces for increased productivity.

Once you have regained the ability to see clearly, you can move on to the final touches. It is best to check several times. You can divide each step into a search for a different type of flaw. It is recommended that a separate check be made for typos and grammatical mistakes, for the presence of logical flaws and for the overall impression of the work.
Each point will take about half an hour. This time is enough to carefully read the text and to find any flaw without haste. Such painstaking work will take an essay on biology to a new level, and it will become ideal not only in meaning but also in structure and visual perception. Only three steps and you coped with your task!

Summing Up

Even if at first it seems to you that this task is too complicated, you do not need to rush to get upset. For each business, you need to find a special approach, thanks to which the implementation will become not only easy but also interesting. Use the rules from this manual in order to get moral satisfaction from the amount of work done and from the final result. Of course, do not forget about the mark. Following each point, the student will definitely get a grade from the teacher that will reward all efforts made.

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