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Posted on April 9, 2022

Students who want to obtain a Master’s Degree need to write a stellar thesis paper. Sometimes, learners confuse two notions – a thesis and a dissertation. They often regard them as synonymical, though they are not quite so. When a person finishes a master’s program, he will have to write a thesis paper. If a person is going to earn a PhD, he will need to complete a dissertation. The second writing is a bit more complicated and lengthier.

When students search for thesis topics, they investigate the already existing research. When students develop a dissertation topic, their job is to initiate their research or theory. If students know this difference, they will never fail a research proposal. This article introduces examples of topics for thesis papers in various disciplines. Besides, one can learn how to find worthy ideas while sitting at home.

How to Find a Top-Level Topic for a Thesis


There are three ways to get a topic for any paper.

  1. A tutor can assign it. Some educators are interested in a specific research area. They want their students to learn more about it and ask them to prepare a corresponding project.
  2. A student can find it alone through research. It is necessary to read many reliable sources to see what things need investigation today.
  3. A person can ask custom writing agencies to help with the assignment. It has nothing to do with cheating and plagiarism. An assistant introduces a topic, and a student writes a paper on it.

One does not see a problem with the first and the third variants. What about the second one? What steps are required? To begin with, students should concentrate on their discipline. A school, a college, and a university give the knowledge that a person requires. The goal of a thesis paper is to provide something new, the information that is not presented in a textbook.
Then, a person needs to read sources that one can trust. These are scientific journals, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, books, and websites. The most chosen online sources are:

  • Jstor
  • Google Scholar
  • NCBI

They contain a lot of unique and significant information that students can use in their writings. Thanks to research, people collect enough information to reflect in their thesis papers because they must cover over forty pages. If students lack knowledge, they will not be able to write the desired length. Moreover, words are not to be empty. The text must not be watery. Every word must contribute value.

Third, a student can interview people to find out trends and unexplored things. Knowledgeable individuals can surely tell learners what subjects intrigue educators and deserve the highest grade.

Pro tip

Students should brainstorm to collect all educational ideas on a paper and select a good one. Afterward, it will be better to get a mentor. For example, one can ask a college professor or custom writer to guide a student. Experts give useful tips and help to create a paper on a high level.

Examples of Relevant Thesis Topics + How to Write a Thesis Title

There are three requirements for thesis ideas. They must be current, catchy, and valuable. Sometimes, the chosen problem is not unique, but a student’s solution can make a mentor accept a research proposal. Below, one can see 10 great topics in different disciplines that can be used by MBA students as well.

Subject Research questions
Business What tools do business holders use to find their target customers?
Psychology What are the top reasons for panic attacks and anxiety disorders among teenagers, and what are effective methods for their treatment?
History What made Italy fight with Germany in WWI and against it in WWII?
Computer Science Types of online cloud storage: what are they, and which one is the safest?
Education How to teach writing to primary school children in online classes?
Nursing How to stay calm and help a patient who has serious autism disorders?
Marketing What is a creative marketing and its impact on business in the XXI century?
Management Is it possible to be a leader and a successful business holder when keeping to internal and external business ethics?
Sociology Is it possible to influence men and turn them into feminists?
Healthcare Theories of the Covid-19 origin: what is the most obvious and true?

Another thing to take care of when writing a thesis paper is a thesis title. It differs from essay titles that can be written in the freestyle or just give a hint to what a student is going to write. It must be precise and short. Students often make mistakes when creating a title. A title must not have:

  • jargon;
  • acronyms;
  • filler words;
  • many complicated words;
  • colons, marks, hyphens;
  • many details.

Researchers never make too long titles. They are confusing. Another mistake is to create titles that are not informative. A solid title describes the result of a research paper. That is why it is essential to create a specific name to convey the message and impress the target reader.

Jacob Lee Top-10 Writer at

To write a good title, a student should master the technique of thesis statement creation. A title also equals a short phrase that frames the core argument of a paper. It lets the target reader understand what the paper is about. If you don’t know how to do that, we will help.

Professionals have written many guides to let students learn how to handle such a difficult task. These are two related sources to investigate and create a great thesis paper:

  1. How to Write a Thesis
  2. How to Write a Thesis in Nutrition


When students search for thesis topics in education, psychology, and any other subject, the main task is to make it researchable and intriguing at the same time. One should also create a stunning title without mistakes. Professional assistants help students find light in the darkness. They show where to find a topic and how to turn it into a stunning thesis paper.

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