Posted on January 29, 2008

This custom research paper will focus on autism which is defined as a developmental disability which is believed to occur in early three years of a child’s life. This disability comes up as a result of a neurological disorder that actually disturbs the normal functioning of the brain which thereafter impairs the development of an individual’s communications and interaction abilities. Usually this disorder comes with different impairments on different children. Neurological disorders like autism in some other instances can be very severe, and during such chronic stages it is usually debilitating thus resulting to inability of the child affected to perform the usual routine practices for example household matters effectively and efficiently. (Francesca, 1994)

The symptoms of this disorder may be poor concentration, being temperamental and sleep disorders. Such worries and anxiety causes major stress and may cause bad image in the societal aspect as well as in the work-related environment contexts and other significant parts of operation in an individual’s daily life. We can also deduce that such turbulences caused by psychological disorders including autism are not related however to other psychological causes such as drug abuse or medical conditions that might be related to this kind of anxiety. (Graff, Green and Libby, 1998)

Problem statement

Research indicates that autism is stated to be among the five neurological disorders referred to as Pervasive Developmental Disorders that is said to be carrying a severe and pervasive impairment in a number of development parts of an individual. Autism disorder mostly affects young children and most cases have been reported to be chronic or severe between the ages of one to three years. According to the Center for Disease Control Prevention carried out in the 2007, it was found that an estimation of two in three hundred births many children are believed to be affected by autism and the cases are still reported to be rising. As a neurological disorder it symbolizes an array of psychiatrist states whereby emotional suffering is manifested in the form of bodily, mental and psychological troubles and in many instances physical indications are seen. However, it should be noted that the ultimate indication is that of manifestation of this disorder which may develop to be severe to the child in the long-term. Many medical scientists have come to an agreement that children suffering from such disorders usually have poor capability to adjust to new environment, incapability to alter his/her life patterns and more specifically the lack of ability to build up a comfortable, more pleasing and a more comprehensive personality that he/she desires to live in. Indeed autism disorder impairs the child’s communication system which may affect him/her negatively in the future in the ordinary course of life. Medical scientists’ under this research report that the most common disorder as a result of autism is that of speech referred to as aphonia whereby an individual cannot communicate loudly but only can whisper while speaking. The other common disorder associated with autism is that of mutism whereby it also lies under the category of speech disorder and in many cases it is difficult to be diagnosed and at the same time it is not common as compared to that of aphonia which is widespread in most children. (Guralnick, 1998)

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to identify whether this autism disorder is treatable and what are the means of treatment available. Autism is said to be deeply entrenched in ego defense mechanism whereby it leads to building up of conducts and thinking that results to a child affected to loose taste for life. Therefore the overall purpose of this study is to shed more insight on the symptoms, causes and ways of treatment of this disorder in order to equip mainly the parents on how to curb the spread and effects of this disorder.

Benefits of conducting the research

This study will therefore enable the families of the individuals suffering from autism to realize and learn the best methods and ways of treating their family members affected with such a disorder. This study will give hope to the families who in one way or another have been affected with this disorder; that is they will get suitable information about autism and particularly the ways of treatment deemed to be effective in curbing the disorder.

Limitations of the study

Since this is an exploratory study it will imply that more time will be needed to conduct the research in order to find the relevant information that will reflect to the general behavior of the disorder. Also another constraint is that of availability of funds since the research will require the researcher to reach to a wider population through interviewing many respondents.

Research Hypothesis

The statement about this research topic that reflects the general outcome of this research area will be; there is significant evidence that the adverse effects common in the world regarding autism is caused by lack of adequate knowledge by the affected persons on the best ways of treatment of autism.


Research indicates that autism occurs in different ways in different individuals, especially children and therefore its treatment is said to be successful in most cases but it has been reported that it is difficult to identify the different indications of autism on different people affected which in the process has made treatment of this disorder to be ineffective because of late identification. There has been many reasons as to why autism treatment has not been successful over the last few years and such reasons include; indications of the affected person not clearly being known which is considered the first step in treating such disorders. The other reason is that of the view that people with autism are usually feeble and lazy which may not be true thus inability of treating the disorder with its corrective measures because the assumption may not hold.

We also find that an individual suffering from autism is an analytic tag applied to the condition of mind, usually that of fear or emotional extremes The fear associated with this disorder normally lies on a certain body part and usually an individual imagines that he/she has a problem in that part of the body. (Harris and Handleman, 1994)

This disorder is found to be associated with social phobia which is characterized by powerful fear of becoming disgraced in social circumstances and particularly embarrassing oneself when other people are seeing him. From the previous cases of autism it is indicated that the disorder may commence at an age of three years and sometimes may attack the young ones in society. Those suffering from this disorder believe that they are inferior in the society and often they overstate small errors that they commit of which it may not hold.

Another sign of this disorder is that of blushing where the individuals affected in the society tend to view such blushing as an embarrassing experience because they always think that everyone are seeing them in that state. Also such individuals may have fear of associating with persons of diverse cultures apart from those that they live with them. In some other instances those suffering from social phobia disorder may feel nervous when making speeches and particularly when addressing large crowds of people and sometimes fear to communicate to their bosses in their place of work or even having fear to date. Social phobia disorder in may interrupt an individuals way of life and particularly relationships in workplace and in the community. (Harris and Weiss, 1998)

The best way of treating individuals with social phobia disorder is through medication process under which tricyclic antidepressants are used for example the use of imipramine, phonelzine among others. The actual treatment is normally directed to reduce panic attacks which aids in speedy recovery of patients suffering from the disorder. In some other cases meager management of panic will be adequate for those affected to come back to normal. Also antianxiety and some specific drugs are recommended particularly for chronic attack by social disorder. Also over the past, psychotherapy practices particularly behavioral psychotherapy have been recommended too to treat social disorder which involves trying to understand or counseling the persons affected… ( This is a part of research paper on autism )

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