Capstone Project on Audio Production

Posted on September 12, 2011

Capstone Project on Audio Production:

Many people are now thinking of making a career in media entertainment, which is mostly due to fast money, fame and power. However, little do most of the people entering into the entertainment industry know about the industry itself? It takes natural talents to emerge as a good entertainer in which if you are lacking then by trying will be like pushing a wall. It will not be correct to point out that, having a career in audio presentation and recoding is without any challenges however, being good at it encouraging enough to face its challenges.

Having gone to school in a multi-media college, the ability to differentiate sounds has been an encouraging factor as it has been easier to know what the ears can categorize as music and a random noise. it has been to my concern that many producers lack this ability, and while most of them have considered their careers successful, they have gone as far as choosing music at random for their production not because they lack the ability to choose but due to the fact that, as more they produce the more they get richer.

This is not the case being discussed here, music may be seen as just a rhythmical sound but when you look at it deeper you find that, it has to follow a certain path. And while theoretically it will be hard to get this path, practically it is easier as one continues to learn through experience. Becoming a professional in music career requires adaptation to the different sounds that will be directed toward ones ears. It is important that one learns how to trust his own ears as well as make judgment from what he has heard. This is important to ensure the possibilities for correction.

In addition to that, learning how to overcome the weakness of trusting one own ears ensures or comes with the strength that is required to have in order to know how somebody would lay down a particular mix. In addition to that, by taking several courses in music instruments such as guitar playing enhances the experience as well as the ability to know which sounds should be combined for one to come up with a good musical sound.

While this is important it is also good that one should acquire knowledge of how he is going to approach live music such as FOH. It is important to understand the fact that live music is different from music being developed in a studio. The sounds are much louder while monitoring it requires better understanding of how to tune the equipment being used. On the other hand, studio music is constrained to a particular sound prof room while its monitoring is done by the use of a computer that is connected to special equipment.

While one learns on how to become a music producer, it is also essential for him to gain information on how broadcasting studios work. Most of the music produced is made public through the broadcasting studio and thus it is important for one to have the required knowledge on how to broadcast an audio. The same goes for multi tracking and recoding levels required on a CD. This will ensure that one has all the aspects of a good music producer while trying to overcome challenges in the production industry being a major aspect of his career.

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