Argumentative Essay on Obesity in America

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Posted on June 1, 2020

Obesity is an issue of concern in America and in many other developed countries. This is why it is a pretty common thing for students in America to be asked to write argumentative essays on obesity in America. It may be stated that one-third of the essays composed by students in one way or another concerns the questions of healthy eating and lifestyle, obesity, and alike. People in the United States of America are concerned about this issue. That is why writing an essay on obesity may be done by one and the same student several times during their academic career.

What is an argumentative essay?
Simply put, an argumentative essay is a type of academic writing based on a stance on a particular issue. In a professionally written piece, you should attempt to persuade your target audience to understand, comprehend, and support your viewpoints on a chosen/assigned topic by stating your evidence and reasoning.

Finding Ideas to Write About Obesity in the US

When it comes to the topic of obesity, you can find ideas everywhere. You have an opportunity to check newspapers, magazines, online databases, or some everyday conversations in your favorite café to find the topic that may attract you. Chances are, you will hear two people discussing their plans to lose weight, their problems with obesity, and their claims about:

  • What caused this?
  • How serious is the situation?
  • How important is it?
  • What should one do about it?

If you still find yourself on the lookout for a hooking topic, check out the full list of argumentative essay ideas if you prefer something well-researched, fun, or trivial:

  • Cancer and Obesity: Where’s the Connection?
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention: Pros and Cons
  • Economic Perspectives on Childhood Obesity
  • Obesity in the United States: Is There a National Pandemic?
  • Pathophysiology and Consequences of Obesity in the US
  • Causes of Increase in Obesity Rates among US Youth Ages

To construct an acceptable argumentative essay, it is necessary to include a claim as the main argument of the essay paper. In addition, you may also include several other arguments to support the claim, as the essay leads the reader towards a logical conclusion it is based upon.

How to Structure an Argumentative Essay on Obesity in America

The format of an obesity essay is similar to writing any other essay. If you need help regarding how to write an obesity essay, it is the same as writing any other essay.

1. Introduction

To come up with a good argumentative essay, you should begin with writing a strong argument that will give the reader a summarized explanation of what the essay is all about. When it comes to the introduction of the argumentative essay, you have to start it with a hooking sentence. Thus, you will catch your reader’s attention and motivate them to keep on reading. When you discuss the topic of obesity in the US, you don’t want to lose your reader’s interest right at the very beginning of your project or leave a negative impression especially if your tutor is going to read it.

What is a hook sentence? As a rule, it is a sentence or two that is placed in the introductory paragraph and contains some piece of interesting, impressive, or hard-to-believe information. When you write an argumentative essay on obesity in America, you can provide the hook sentence in the form of stats, an interesting fact, or a quote. For instance, “Over one-third of adults in the USA are obese,” “According to official research 2017, fifty American states have an obesity rate that exceeds 20%” or “According to 2019 data, Colorado has the lowest rates of obesity, while West Virginia and Mississippi have the highest” could serve as the hooks for your argumentative essay introduction.

Next, the introduction should be clear to let the readers know the focus of the argument, by stating the problem and letting the reader know the exact problem that needs to be solved. Once you have written about the problem, the main argument should, therefore, present the best solution to the argument. When writing the introduction for this type of paper, one should let the audience know why the idea in the paper is actually the right one for that paper or for the proposed problem stated in the essay paper.

Depending on the length of the paper, the length of the introduction can range from a paragraph for a short essay paper to a few paragraphs if the essay paper is a lengthy one. Once one has determined the main argument of the essay paper, it is time to come up with arguments to support the main argument, and while doing so, it is good to split each of the arguments into its own paragraph.

2. The Body

When writing this type of paper, you can use a number of different arguments to stress the main points. This will result in a strong argumentative paper that will do more than send the message across to the readers. One could try using inductive reasoning when writing the argument. This will entail using a series of specific examples to lead the reader towards the conclusion one is attempting to reinforce. One could also make use of deductive arguments by using numerous ideas to lead a reader towards the conclusion.

As a rule, the body of an argumentative essay on obesity in America contains three or more paragraphs. Ensure that each paragraph is based on a separate piece of argument and evidence that is given to support the main idea of the project. In each paragraph, the author of the essay should explain why the readers should agree with them. To reach this goal, you will have to use anecdotes, stats, examples, logic, and authorities.

In order to make your evidence even stronger, we recommend using opposing viewpoints and refuting them triumphantly. What kind of objections your target audience might have? Ensure to answer potential opposing positions with solid evidence or argument. Also, give your reasons for rejecting the arguments that the other people take on the topic.

3. Conclusion

The concluding section of an argumentative essay reflects what is written in the introductory paragraph. You should go over your thesis statement and sum up the main arguments of your work. Do your best job to convince your audience that the arguments that you present are the best. Thus, your project will look complete. Keep in mind that any new information should be avoided in this part of an argumentative essay. For instance, if you’re writing an essay on “Obesity in Adolescent Females in the United States of America,” do not write about obesity in children, the risks of becoming overweight after pregnancy, or becoming obese after anorexia in your conclusion. Instead, focus on hypotheticals. Make sure to show what is going to happen in case your target readers adopt your point of view. Ensure to refer to the examples from real life to present how your ideas will work. Inspire your audience by a straightforward call to action, i.e. – tell them all what exactly they need to believe, feel, or do. Consider your reader’s morals and emotions, and ensure to appeal to each.

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