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Posted on January 12, 2009

When a student is given the assignment to write an argumentative essay – the first thing he desperately requires is argumentative essay ideas. In order to write a quality argumentative essay, a student has to be imaginative, creative, extraordinary, and original. In order to possess all these qualities – the student needs to have fresh ideas for the argumentative essay, and make sure he adds some novelty to this argumentative essay topic, to make it interesting and insightful.

How to Write on Good Arguments Topics?

Good argument essay ideas can not be found on the internet, but if you are able to find them – then everybody can too. Good argumentation essay ideas need to be created in your mind, and afterward – make sure that nobody has already thought of these ideas.

When sitting down to write an argumentative essay – you are not supposed to start with the thought, “What new and fresh can I implement in this argumentative essay?” – This is the wrong technique to write a good argumentative essay. The products of your imagination need to be created while brainstorming the topic, thinking about it for several days, and forming a great concept for the argumentative essay.

A possible way to think about the argumentative essay – is what new a person can add to the existing topic. Your argumentative essay can be based on proving some disapproved methods and techniques, providing arguments for and against the topic, and being creative in any example you use in the argumentative essay.

Pro tip

If students want to impress a mentor, they will need to support the main argument of the text with facts and personal experiences. One should not cite literature that lacks scientific background, such as personal blogs and posts or the yellow press. Educational, scientific, research, medical, and other official books and publications fit best.

A good argumentative essay is where everything is in a certain order and is extremely logical. You need to prove every single sentence of the argumentative essay and make sure that the evidence is credible and 100% true. If there is any hesitation after the reader has read the argumentative essay – then this argumentative essay is considered to be a complete failure. That is exactly why at the end of the argumentative essay – it is best to foresee what opinions will the reader have or might have, and address them properly and accordingly.
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20 Argumentative Topics to Discuss Different Life Areas

All students from middle school to university have to write essays. Nevertheless, it is not an easy thing to find good argumentative essay topics. An argumentative essay writer from CustomWritings has created a list of 20 intriguing topics for students who master various academic disciplines.

  1. Chats on social media platforms are more dangerous than playing wild video games. (Mental Health)
  2. Does every poor person need somebody’s help? (Social Interaction)
  3. Can a wife divorce a husband who is at war or in a coma? (Law)
  4. Secrets of Christianity: why did paganism become extinct? (Religion)
  5. Is it possible to ask the college administration to absolve a child from learning a subject he does not like? (Education)
  6. Can men liable for military service refuse to protect their country because of being pacifists? (Morality and Law)
  7. Will human sources become unnecessary due to the integration of artificial intelligence in different life spheres? (Technology)
  8. Can online dating and family creation replace traditional dating and relation development? (Morality and Human Relations)
  9. Are those who skip breakfasts doomed to suffer different health problems? (Health)
  10. Is it possible to lose weight with the help of sports, but without dieting? (Health and Nutrition)
  11. Should school libraries organize books not only according to genres and alphabetical order but age limitations as well? (Education and Literature)
  12. Does the psychological well-being of a person depend on a preferable music style? (Music and Psychology)
  13. What influences a person’s decision to buy or not to buy some goods? (Marketing and Psychology)
  14. Should people worldwide be allowed to buy firearms? Why? Why not? (Law and Human Rights)
  15. Have Black Live Matters demonstrations produced some negative effects on human lives? (History)
  16. Are all products made of genetically modified organisms harmful to people? (Biology and Genetics)
  17. Will global warming stop if all humans become extinct? (Ecology)
  18. Is it possible and efficient to replace all nuclear power plants with hydroelectric, wind, and solar stations? (Physics)
  19. Can Covid-19 vaccination change a human’s DNA? (Chemistry and Biology)
  20. Is there any cure for gender and racial discrimination? (Human Relations)

Professionals and college tutors give recommendations about how to write papers, but nobody tells students how not to go mad. Below, one can find the best tips to avoid stress and manage time properly.

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