Argumentative Essay on Banning Tobacco: Is It Effective?

Posted on September 27, 2010

There are many ways to make people stop using drugs, such as tobacco, as an alternative to a strict prohibition. There are infinite possibilities to make people stop drinking or smoking. Whether we like it or not, we cannot make everyone give up drinking or smoking, and that’s the same as not being able to prevent what happens to innocent civilians, like how a drunk driver can hit your child.
In order to stop the effects of drugs, like tobacco, that influence you in a really bad way and lead to poor judgments, you really have no control over someone else’s life not to do drugs. Well, there are ways to help prevent it, but it’s really not anyone’s choice if you can drink or smoke.

One way to help prevent people from wanting to take tobacco is to make laws that prohibit if you abuse the ability to take drugs too much. Well, I think there is a law like that but if you make it worse like making a longer prison period or a larger payment fee it may work. Some people think there is nothing left for them in this life or they got nothing to lose if they do drugs so we should help those people out and try to force help upon them even though we can’t.

The effectiveness of public smoking bans is proven by a range of researches done by scientists all over the globe. These bans appear to significantly cut the risk of heart attacks, especially among non-smokers and younger people. All the studies published in the field of medicine find that smoking bans can cut the number of heart attacks by almost 26% per year.

In addition to the fact that public smoking bans are effective when it comes to reducing heart attacks, it is important to also mention that prohibition of smoking helps to prevent diseases like emphysema and lung cancer. These illnesses are known to be developing not as fast as heart attacks. To add more, smoking bans also reduce healthcare costs. The supporters keep maintaining their point of view on the effectiveness of banning tobacco by stating that researches prove the cities, where smoking is not allowed, have reduced health costs. This, as a result, can significantly affect the national economy in a positive manner.

At the same time, banning tobacco tends to lessen air pollution in all cities where banning policies are being implemented. According to the supporters of tobacco bans, all the cities and states that prohibited smoking in all restaurants, cafés, and public indoor places can boast of a better quality of indoor air. In contrast, the places where public smoking is still allowed tend to have poor air quality.

One of the facts that prove the effectiveness of tobacco bans is the one related to a significant risk reduction of catastrophic fires. The point is that smoking can potentially increase the risks of fire in the areas with the materials that are highly flammable. There are dozens of examples of fires that started in a flash from a small cigarette. What is more, there have been instances of explosions at workplaces that also started from lit cigarettes. In other words, smoking bans can not only reduce air pollution but literally save people’s lives.

Why tobacco bans are effective? They contribute to lower personal expenses and consumption of energy. If smoking is not allowed in public areas like cafés, restaurants, and shopping malls, there will be no need to provide ventilation. This, in turn, leads to lesser consumption of energy and, as a result, lesser costs. When it comes to smokers, many experts admit that a person who has this bad habit and smokes one pack a day tends to spend nearly $20 every day and almost $720 every twelve months. With strict tobacco prohibition, it can easily cut in half the expense for cigarette purchases of an individual.

Implementing smoking bans across the globe boosts office productivity. A lot of proponents admit that not every person in the work environment smokes. In case smoking is allowed at the office, non-smokers tend to inhale harmful smoke. As a result, the process can be inconvenient for them to smell the smoke. At the same time, if office smoking is banned, employees tend to have better productivity.

On the one hand, I think that no matter what we do, people will keep on smoking or taking drugs. The sad reality is that no matter what happens people still take drugs. Authorities all over the world have already banned many illegal drugs that people sell in the street. However, drug dealing is still a huge problem in many countries all over the planet. Even when people know about the ban or a chance to get arrested, they still take that chance and risk everything for a couple of minutes of fake pleasure. In the end, this pleasure fades away, and what people have is a range of negative consequences that ruin their lives and the lives of their families and friends.

A lot of people think drugs are the answer when nothing helps. For that reason, they decide to turn to drugs. In other words, no matter what bans we implement or anything else that we try to do to make people stop taking drugs, there is no guarantee that all of it will go away. No matter how hard you try, drugs are here to stay. Still, we do have hope. Maybe you can save one or two lives, but you can’t save everyone. It is important that we try to help someone we know and make sure they quit this hazardous habit instead of trying to become superheroes to the whole planet.

Final thoughts. What I am going to add here is that even though I just said that banning tobacco may not help us to wake up in a world where smokers no longer exist, I do support these policies. At the same time, I believe that every person has the right to smoke in private areas where, they know, their nasty habit is not going to have an impact on the non-smokers. My strong position here is that when people decide to use certain substances, it is important that they also take responsibility for their actions and, as a result, other people’s health.

All in all, one of the reasons why so many people find it difficult to give up smoking and don’t like the idea of banning it is that they truly believe that this habit can help them. They hope to find the help they need to cope with different problems with life. What are the other reasons why so many people find smoking so appealing? They believe their habit bonds them with the other smokers. They like the feeling of creating a special ritual that, in turn, brings momentary satisfaction. No matter how appealing this fake feeling is, let’s face the truth – banning tobacco is the right step to take to not only make our environment a better place to live but to also save people’s lives all over the world.

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