APA Sample Paper: How Can Students Prevent Stress from Staying at Home due to COVID-19?

Posted on March 15, 2022

A student often needs to write an essay using APA style. Instead of busying one’s head with endless research, one can read a Chicago paper example to see what spacing, font, and word order are required. One will see that it is necessary to use double-spacing, Times New Roman 12, and a specific presentation of bibliographical details. Each abstract is supported with facts and vivid examples that support the main idea of the essay.

APA Citation Example: How Can Students Prevent Stress from Staying at Home due to COVID-19?

prevent stress

The world has changed after Covid-19 started its trip around the world. First, people were afraid to open windows and walk in the park because of a lack of information. According to WebMD, the virus appeared in 1965. Later, the mutated virus began to attack people in Saudi Arabia and Chinese people in Wuhan. It is hard to find the source of the infection, but it is possible to learn the consequences of the disease. Except for a high number of infected worldwide, the pandemic affected a student’s lifestyle. First, learners felt very stressed because everything was new and dangerous. They got relaxed and even happier after scientists managed to learn more about the disease, its way of spreading, treatment, and precautionary measures. Now, students name five positive things that help them cope with stress at home in the pandemic world.

Regarding Mental Health, stress is the response of the human body to pressure. Previously, students got mad because of different things. First off, they had to wake up earlier so as not to miss their college lessons. Second, students had to commute in crowded public transports that irritated most learners. Third, learners had to come back home late and proceed to homework preparation without enough rest. Fourth, they had to change their eating habits that impacted their stomach and overall comfort. Finally, they could not devote enough time to self-care. Many learners did not tell others about frequent cases of anxiety, panic attacks, sleeping problems, and great tension because of the academic load. The level of stress was at its peak when students were getting ready for tests and exams. Moreover, most college learners had part-time jobs to cover their tuition and living expenses. Students could relax only on weekends and winter and summer holidays. Nevertheless, it was great to talk to group mates, discuss a Chicago style paper example in college libraries, and have fun with friends in cafeterias.

Covid-19 has turned the world upside-down. On the one hand, learners experienced insufficiency of attention, hugs, intimacy, and other things that were allowed in the pre-Covid world. On the other hand, they had more time for other essential things. To begin with, students started noticing problems. Except for difficulties with a research paper and a formatting style, they started participating in STEM projects connected with environmental problems. Nobody understands grief without personal experience. When people were feeling crazy in a stuffy apartment being afraid of infected air, they started realizing the global threat. Their life priorities changed. People started dreaming of green streets, healthier food, cleaner water, and a more active lifestyle because those things helped to cope with the virus. Scientific modeling and inventions helped learners forget about stress by doing something important.

Secondly, learners became less stressed because of their studies. They were a bit worried about new learning methods only at the beginning of the path. Now, students can wake up later thanks to remote studies. By the way, an average student has more time to prepare a report, a research proposal, and format a text in APA style thanks to synchronous and asynchronous lessons. Educators can explain everything thanks to Google Documents. They can introduce a perfect reference sample and an example of headings in Chicago style sample paper online. Consequently, a learner can save the document, review it when necessary, and prevent mistakes when writing a citation page. There is no need to hurry and get annoyed by traffic jams and crowded subways and buses. A person feels calm and concentrated on a lesson and the topic of the lecture without being distracted by group mates. So, the grades are better as well.

Third, freshmen do not feel homesick. Homeschoolers and distant learners spend more time with their families and friends. First, it was hard because of the inability to leave an apartment. Now, a PCR test can prove that you are not sick. A vaccination certificate lets one travel and visit relatives. Students can study on their way home by watching recorded lessons, doing online projects, and reading ebooks. Family members support each other, and a student feels less stressed in a welcoming environment.

Fourth, distance learning sharpens skills that one needs in the XXI century. Digital awareness is a key skill in the world of technology. Previously, teachers used smartboards, computers, and tablets, but traditional teaching prevailed in many countries, especially in third world countries. Today, remote learning, homeschooling, and hybrid learning became global. Thanks to that, students acquire essential skills in distance communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking. When Google Meet fails, a person starts seeking other ways for interaction. Besides, most students mastered scientific research. They know how to find a dependable source and where to search for trustworthy information.

Finally, students have more time for themselves. They can eat healthy food and avoid unhealthy snacks. Students have access to the best fitness coaches in the world that help to improve one’s health via different social platforms. Instead of searching for the required thing in a supermarket, one can find it quickly online. They can read the latest edition of the book written by a favorite author. Moreover, students have more opportunities to find a new hobby and devote enough time to the things they like.

To conclude, if stress is caused by pressure, remote learning makes things simpler. The only existing pressure is to make oneself watch lectures and do homework regarding the existing schedule. When a person can plan things, it is easier to prevent stress. One does not rush to handle many tasks. Nevertheless, multitasking is still possible because a person can do house chores and listen to podcasts, lectures, audiobooks, and relaxation music. Messengers and Zoom let students communicate and see each other anytime. To do all academic assignments, a person must control oneself and master time management to avoid contacting a paper writer service. These things are a must in the contemporary world. The pandemic situation allows students to adapt to the needs of the multitasking environment.


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