AMA Citation Example: People Should Have More Holidays and Vacations to Stay Healthy

Posted on March 10, 2022

A student writes many papers yearly. They use literature to back up information and convince the target reader in the chosen viewpoint. To avoid problems with plagiarism, one should introduce a reference list at the end of a paper. AMA format example is one of the most popular citation styles in colleges worldwide. One needs to know how to cite a website or a text, how to mention the title and an author. Some tutors ask for in-text citations for the cited abstract or notion. AMA citation example is an effective method to learn the requirements. Below, you will find a template with the required double-spacing, TNR 12 font, and bibliography format.

AMA Reference Page Example: People Should Have More Holidays and Vacations to Stay Healthy


Jack Black
Dr. Paula Smith
Healthcare and Management
February 2, 2022

People Should Have More Holidays and Vacations to Stay Healthy

What is the most significant thing in our life? Goalcast names the top five things that inspire people and make them move on. The list includes love, family, friends, health, and passion. It means that people do not regard their jobs as their priority. Nevertheless, people waste their precious time on making their bread. According to Career Vision, 20% of people are obsessed with their job, while 45% of Americans are satisfied with how they earn their living. Females have 8.33 working hours a day, and males have over 9.09 hours daily. To stay healthy, one should sleep at least 8 hours. One can do simple calculations and add working hours and sleep hours. The remaining eight hours seem to be a lot for private life, but almost all people complain of having time neither for rest nor private life. What steals our time and prevents us from being healthy?

The statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prove that adults sleep less than seven hours. It might be enough to rest and have enough vital energy to do daily chores. Moreover, a person works approximately nine hours. So, people will have eight hours to relax. Unfortunately, they do not. First, let’s speak about males. A man wakes up at six or seven. Afterward, he has breakfast, takes a shower, and dresses up to get ready for work. It takes nearly one hour. Only several men live not far from work. Others have to commute by private cars, taxis, buses, and subways. CNN informed its readers that people spent over 119 hours in a traffic jam every 365 days. It is approximately 149 minutes weekly. In total, everything takes 17.3 hours. So, 6.30 hours are left for rest. One should also remember about lunch and dinner time. They take from 1 to 2 hours. Everything depends on several circumstances: rush hours, the location of the cafeteria, and personal preferences. All in all, 4 hours left. Is it enough? A healthy lifestyle demands sports activities, hobbies, healthy eating habits, and self-realization. Moreover, most men have families or partners. So, they have to wait for weekends to relax. Sometimes, they cannot manage their financial difficulties. That is why males search for part-time jobs on weekends or after full-time jobs. That is why the remaining time for rest gets shorter.

Speaking about women, the situation is worse. The reason for that is a country’s customs and traditions. Even though women work 36.4 hours weekly, they have to cope with too many duties except for jobs. Children, house chores, shopping, and care of personal looks leave almost no time for rest and sleep. Many women prefer part-time freelance writing or flexible working schedules. Such jobs let them work when they have an opportunity, but their time is occupied with duties. For example, writers have to research, format a paper, prepare an AMA reference page example, write a sample for students in AMA style, and do other related things. Most women undersleep because of small babies who cry at night, grown-up children who demand attention, and house chores that never end. One must be a perfect time manager to cover all tasks.

Depending on the stress level of Americans, the third part of adults informs their health advisors about experienced stress. It is characterized by a headache, exhaustion, and insomnia. 80% of Americans experience stress at work, and 60% of them notice behavioral changes after that. Moreover, life provides its changes, and force majeure breaks plans. When people are not able to control the situation, they will feel nervous and lost. As a result, they burn out, feel anxious, irritated, depressed, and suffer from panic attacks. Stress does not let a person relax and live a full life. Stressed people can feel pain, muscle tension, difficult breathing, digestive problems. Besides, they become less productive and vulnerable to viruses and infections. Exhausted individuals have no strength to become compatible and guarantee successful self-promotion.

Regarding the above-introduced research, Americans deserve more holidays and longer vacations. Such changes will make them go back on their feet. For example, they will have stronger family relations. Parents will have more time for their children, and partners will devote much time to each other. There will be no need to choose between private life and money-making. Everyone will relax knowing that they will be able to cover financial expenses and spend more hours, days, and weeks with the one they love. Yearly, children get disappointed with parents who cannot come to their performances, class meetings, and birthday parties. Such things ruin families and trust in a better future. No wonder the Alpha generation prefers technology to real conversations. Digital devices, social platforms, and messengers have replaced friendship and domestic coziness because they are always at one’s fingertips. Only time with mothers, fathers, and children can heal modern society.

When people rest, they feel happy. Long holidays inspire individuals in creation, charity, inventions, and discoveries. When people become job-dependable or are too concentrated on their duties, they drown in routines that are hard to get rid of. Sometimes, people sacrifice their holidays for the sake of their careers. As a result, they spend money on useless things such as computer games, online casinos, expensive beverages, and brand things. It happens because they earn but cannot spend money on pleasure. That is why enough rest will result in better time and money management. People will not feel stressed realizing that they waste money on unnecessary things but lack time for the most significant events and their wishes. Consequently, longer holidays will reduce the level of stress in Americans and improve their health. After a good rest, nobody will get mad because of traffic jams, bad points for a page with a wrongly formed bibliography, and other less serious troubles. More days off equals more sleep and higher self-confidence.


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