Essay Sample on Advertising in Society and Its Dubious Role

Posted on March 4, 2008

Beyond doubt, advertising is as old as the first market. Right now it is an inseparable part of our lives. We can see commercials everywhere: on TV, in newspapers and in streets. We really ought to lay our account with this issue today. Advertising companies influence our minds beyond measures on our society, but is this impact positive or not?

We often lay at the door of some companies, using “aggressive management” to win a market. All sorts of corporations do it with two purposes: to lay hold on the market and raise as much money as possible… This means they create a strong positive image of a hero, who promotes some brand. Such a strategy is supposed to lay a strong foundation of positive image, connected with this or that brand. These role models influence people’s minds a lot. Consumers wish to be on the level with the ad hero and but expensive cars, gadgets and perfumes. When the company’s CEO makes the decision, he lays a lot at stare.

Unfortunately, while using such strategies, companies do not care about the society. Most of them just want to earn as much money, as possible. Ideologies that advertising promotes are often cruel and anti-social. Plenty of commercials are violent, racist or use sexual images. While trying to promote their goods, corporations often humiliate other trademarks. And finally, most of the information we receive from the ads is simply not true. Some activists often try to raise this point in front to government officials, but the politician’s minds are mostly at the back of beyond. This happens because aggressive management strategies are bringing profit sometimes beyond anybody’s belief.

Although advertising has its darker sides, it also brings us a lot of good. We learn about new products and sops from commercials. We also can find better or cheaper goods, using our TV-sets. While creating strong positive stereotypes, advertising agencies make people care about the physical condition. When Michael Jordan or Ralf Schumacher agitate for a healthy way of life, this makes people think about their health. A successful advertising policy can raise some forgotten product from the dead. And finally, brands that are being advertised, actually invest billions into the today’s mass media.

Advertising plays a dubious role in our today’s world. This is the issue that can’t and shouldn’t be laid down. Commercials create stereotypes and destroys them; stimulates us and makes us more aggressive. If controlled and leveled, the role of advertising is generally beneficial.

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