Essay Sample on School Accountability Programs

Posted on February 21, 2008

School safety is improved through different means that can be assessed and evaluated. Schools are required to establish mechanisms of accountability, which will ensures efficiency, effectiveness, and performance. (Dwyer and Warger 1998). Schools also do carry out frequent organizational structure reviews and means of enhancing the safety. These reviews are geared towards identifying school personnel who require training on safety. At the same time, schools provide a suitable level of training on safety for all school personnel in school master plans for in-service training. It also goes along way to promoting high standards of safety by having proper equipment for protecting school property and records (Dwyer and Warger 1998).

School accountability programs need to incorporate various key elements. Some of the principles that form basis of accountability programs in school safety include; emphasizing on involvement of students. There is no school safety program that can be successful if it does not involve students. Even if the program is well developed and implemented, it will not enhance school safety without incorporating students (Dwyer and Warger 1998). Many district schools enhance school safety by giving parents “contract” forms to sign on behalf of the students. These forms are supposed to administer and regulate the students’ conduct both academically and also socially. The “contract” forms are created by students together with their parents in guidance of school teachers and other personnel of the school. To maintain school safety the students are supposed to report cases of indiscipline to the authorities for action to be taken (Dwyer and Warger 1998).

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