7 Typical Mistakes in Essay Writing

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Posted on February 15, 2008

When writing an essay for college or university, students often face a great brain fog and practical hurdles that knack them from writing a good quality essay. Students make many mistakes while doing essay writing.

Top 7 typical mistakes in essay writing include:

  1. Poor objective planning that leads to many more problems in essay writing
  2. Poor selection of topic and main content areas
  3. Poor understanding of selected topic and content areas. Such poor ideation further makes complex and completed thinking blocks that hinder the progress of writing.
  4. Inappropriate available sources and references are also responsible for the poor quality and bad impression in essay writing.
  5. Lack of writing skills can be a trouble for few who don’t believe in themselves and are afraid of writing at their own. Such fears give birth to many other problems and it ones one of the 7 typical mistakes in essay writing.
  6. Inappropriate technical assistance and lack of grammatical approach is another mistake that causes mistakes in essay writing.
  7. Many students make mistake of applying grammar and spell checks inappropriately that further reduces the impression of their write-ups.
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