5 5-Paragraph Essay Topics: Meet the Top Popular Issues to Debate!

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Posted on September 20, 2010

A 5-paragraph essay is a standard writing for schools and universities which in its specific form implements the structured text consisting of five paragraphs. That is where the name comes from. Such papers are mostly used to discuss various points and for this reason always have a strong argumentative constituent. Therefore when choosing a topic for a five paragraph essay one needs to remember that the subject needs to involve some ambivalence or have several points of view at the subject that might be disclosed.

The 5-paragraph essay topic must enable you to draw strong argument to support or reject it so that the effects on the reader you are aiming at is reached. Most of the time students choose some popular or urgent social issues that are rather disputable to be the subject of their five paragraph essay. The diversity of such topics can spread from social minorities to world affairs and a very important advantage here is that there always exist several standpoints opening a good perspective for strong convincing arguments. The structure of a five paragraph essay is purposely set that way when every paragraph starting with the introduction is leading through the topic building up on the argument to present you a concluding viewpoint. Nevertheless choosing a good topic is a key factor on the way to successful essay. Since such type of writing does not involve any detailed description and broad discussion the topic should preferably be brief but catchy and known to the majority of the potential readers.

Whenever you are going to write a five paragraph essay start with a thorough topic selection which will play its part in the whole writing process and help you create a good paper.

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