5-Paragraph Essay: An Advanced Guide to Write on Sports

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Posted on November 14, 2019

‘Sports’ is a broad term that basically refers to diverse forms of physical activities that are competitive in nature. Participation in sports is aimed at utilizing or maintaining, as well as improving one’s physical capabilities, as well as the skills of the game. Moreover, the individuals participating in certain sports activities, together with spectators, are entertained by this physical competition. Activities like football are effective in nurturing physical health and developing good interaction skills.

Historic artifacts suggest that the earliest sporting activities took place in China many centuries ago. At the time sports originated, gymnastics were the most popular kind of sport among people in ancient China. In the same way, suggestive artifacts were found in Egypt, with monuments indicating that traditional sports like fishing and swimming were well developed in the region. Correspondingly, ancient Persians were fond of martial arts, jousting, and polo. Another civilization that embraced sports was ancient Greece – the culture that was predominantly focused on sports. Greece played a crucial part in the development of sports. We all know the famous Olympic Games competition that was created in Greece.

For those who think about engaging in sport, the great news is that numerous sports exist today, which means you’re not going to have problems with picking one that suits you well. Some require two participants, while others involve larger groups or more individuals. Sports activities can be classified into two main categories, the broadest and most popular one being physical activities. For instance, physical sports include various activities that take place during the worldwide Olympic Games competitions. First Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens, and today the most famous competition typically includes thirty-three different sports, such as aquatics, weightlifting, wrestling, hockey, football, badminton, boxing, canoe, gymnastics, handball, judo, karate, sailing, shooting, and many others.

In addition to physical games, sports also include mind games that are common among different generations. For example, chess, as well as bridge, have come to be recognized as special forms of sport. Nonetheless, not all mind games can be called sports. One criterion for consideration as a sport is that the activity should incorporate the so-called competitive element. Secondly, the activity should not cause harm to any living thing, and winning should not depend on luck.

From these criteria, one might expand the list of activities that can be categorized as sports. For instance, physically involved activities like rugby and other physical competitions are sports. In the same way, predominantly motorized activities like power boating, as well as Formula I, are appropriately perceived as sports. The key point is that the defining aspect of competition must be apparent. This infers that an activity where the grading of participants exists on the basis of results is definitely qualified as a sport. In conclusion, activities that do not include the element of competition between two or more individuals or teams are not considered sports. In contrast, the activities that do include competition with others can be considered a sport.

What are the benefits of sports and games? In addition to boosting one’s physical strength, sports also tend to develop social skills as people start interacting with their teammates, as well as the opponents. Being engaged in sports boosts your ability to work on a team and helps you get used to the culture of it, which can be highly advantageous in the professional sector as well. What is more, even being a mere spectator of certain sport interactions and supporting teams by cheering and shouting can result in positive social behavior and overall happiness in general. Do you want to become both mentally comfort and physically fit? Sport is the answer.

Tips on 5-Paragraph Essay Writing:

Generally, the subject of sports is an extensive one that cannot possibly be debated thoroughly in a single essay. To narrow the scope to a manageable range, it is recommended to choose short subtopics that will interest your reader. If you surf the web, you’ll find loads of topics associated with sports. On the one hand, the abundance of topics enables you to choose something you’re particularly interested in. On the other, you may feel stuck not knowing what matter to choose. With help from an academic essay writing service, you can easily pick the topic you’re passionate about. Or use the options we offer in this article. Here are some of the topics that might interest you:

  • Sports Gambling Should Be Banned
  • Reasons Why Cheerleading Is a Sport
  • Reasons Why Not All Players Should Retire at the Age of 35
  • Sports Salaries Should Be Reconsidered
  • Reasons Why Darts Contestants Are No Sportsmen
  • Why Boxing Should Be Banned

The First Paragraph: The Introduction

Here you will introduce your topic. The opening paragraph is the most important since it gives direction for the whole paper. It grabs your readers’ attention, sets the essay tone and informs your audience on the key points you’re going to discuss. In your intro, you are to:

  • Use one sentence to describe the main idea of the essay.
  • Make a thesis statement
  • In order of importance, list three key arguments/points that support your thesis statement.

The Body: 3+ Paragraphs and Supporting Details

The body paragraphs in a standard 5-paragraph essay include various details like quotes, facts, stats, and examples for the three points that you’ve given in your intro. Take the three points from the intro to discuss each in three paragraphs of the body. Here is how you do that:

  • First, put down the topic sentence to sum up your point. This one will be the number one sentence of the paragraph.
  • Second, provide your argument, or why exactly you believe the topic sentence is accurate.
  • Third, give your evidence, such as stats, examples, quotes, and facts, in order to back up your argument.

Your first paragraph of the body section is ready. Now go back to points two and three and repeat them. Thus, the first body paragraph serves as an outline for the rest of the paragraphs.

The Fifth Paragraph: The Conclusion

The conclusion part sums up the whole essay. As a rule, the concluding paragraph is the toughest to write. In this part, you restate the thesis statement and link it to the body in a sentence that contains an explanation of how every point supports this thesis. Make sure the final sentence of the concluding paragraph upholds your main ideas in a compelling and concise manner. Never give any new info in the concluding paragraph.

In the case with the area of sports, the writer might base the sports essay on the rules governing a specific sport. Nonetheless, for a reader who is not a sports fan, such an essay may be boring. To avoid this, it would be vital to incorporate various aspects of sports, being certain to keep the exposition as brief as possible so that the reader’s attention is maintained. As demonstrated in the sample essay given above, an interesting essay on sports can be one that briefly touches on the distinguishing elements of a sport with the history of sports.

Voila! You’ve just written your 5-paragraph essay!

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