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Posted on December 6, 2021

When students speak about an average academic assignment, they usually mean a 5 paragraph or a 500-word essay. Educators like to assign such tasks. These papers are neither too long nor too short. Consequently, a person can discuss a topic and provide enough evidence to make a paper worthy of a target audience’s attention.

The longer an assignment is, the more difficult its structure and writing will be. So, it is impossible to accomplish this task without knowing how many paragraphs 500 words contain or what the basic requirements are. If you need paper writing help from experts, this article is a perfect guide for those who want to get the highest grade for this homework.

500-Word Essay Structure: How to Start and to Finish

There are three most challenging tasks for students who write 500-word essays:

  1. Topic selection
  2. Structuring
  3. Writing

The first point might not be a problem when a teacher gives the topic, though the other two remain. As a rule, college professors ask students to use Times New Roman 12 in their academic papers. In this case, 500 words will consume about 1.5 pages. It means that there should be at least 5 paragraphs. Such a structure helps students introduce logical and flawless writings.

You can start with a classic method or with using something non-trivial.

To do everything right, it will be necessary to create an outline. It is a plan for an essay. Then, one should write following the created plan. So, how to write a 500-word essay? Let’s talk about each constituent separately.

An Outline

Only good outlines are helpful. A person needs to take a pencil and a notebook to reflect ideas regarding the chosen topic. If the topic was not assigned, brainstorming will help in that too. Students jot down their thoughts and select the best one. Afterward, they can research literature to get deep knowledge about the topic. A paper should better include less well-known information and more of a unique one.

When a person collects enough data, it will be high time to systematize it. One should create topic sentences and order them logically, chronologically, or according to their significance. Due to that, one will get a perfect body plan. Then, the strongest idea needs to be included in a thesis statement and the introduction in general. Finally, an analysis will guide a person to a conclusion. Such outlines are detailed, so a student will be focused on the task performance and its quick realization.

500 words are not a big size of the essay, so you may use the following outline:

An Introduction

This essay part must be intriguing and informative. Students should start with a hook that will attract a reader’s eye and stimulate reading desire. It should remind you of spontaneous and unexpected thoughts. Professional writers usually use the following hooks for an introduction:

  • a surprising fact
  • a dialogue with a reader thought questioning
  • catchy quotes
  • inspiring life samples
  • provocative arguments
  • jokes
  • statistics

Hooks are typically used as the first sentence in the initial paragraph. Then, experts add several sentences that lead the reader closer to the core idea of the essay. The final sentence of the introductory part includes a thesis statement. The statement conveys the idea smartly and briefly. In long essays like this, there should be various strong points to discuss.

For example, To get a scholarship at university, a student must be clever, devote enough time to studies, and have strong motivation.

The key message is about getting a scholarship after school graduation. The supporting strong points include things a person should do or have to reach the goal. They are intellectual abilities, time, and motivation. A student should discuss each strong point in a separate paragraph. Logically, this essay will have 500 words and 5 paragraphs (1 – introduction, 3 body for three strong points, 1 – conclusion). The correlation of words will be 100 – 300 – 100 (10% – 80% – 10% of the total volume).

A Body

This part resembles a cake with three layers. The top layer is tasty, the middle one is okay, and the bottom one is the tastiest. The same should happen to a body part. Let’s take the thesis statement “To get a scholarship at university, a student must be clever, devote enough time to studies, and have strong motivation.” It has three main points for a discussion:

  • inborn abilities of a scholarship candidate;
  • time management skills of a successful school graduate;
  • a goal that helps a student not to give up.

These points will make three body paragraphs of an essay. Each paragraph will take approximately 100 words. How to order them? It is necessary to remember the cake concept. A student has investigated many sources to find out more about the topic. Now he or she will be ready to highlight the most influential and interesting information to set priorities and decide what paragraph will be more or less essential for the target reader.

Each paragraph must have facts, life examples, or citations to make the idea presentation convincing. One should not forget to introduce the cited literature in the bibliography section or footnotes to avoid claims of plagiarism.

A Conclusion

This part provides a full stop to essay writing. Its job is to restate a thesis statement and let readers understand the value of the essay. It must not have new information because it misleads readers. A student should use a hook as well. Thanks to that, an essay will impress a reader. The best way to do that is to write something unexpected and mind-blowing.

Professional writers usually use questions and call-to-action sentences. These hooks involve a reader’s imagination and response. For example, Forget all your fears and do everything possible to reach your goal.

Tips to Improve an Essay in Five Steps

Advanced students use effective tips to improve their essays before handing them in. Custom essay writers also use them before sending the performed orders to clients. These tricks promise papers of higher quality. There are five of them.

  1. Use writing tools
  2. Check the uniqueness
  3. Check the readability
  4. Apply only reliable sources
  5. Test the topic value

Writing tools are helpful because they point to typical mistakes. Students correct them and improve the quality of essays. Some tools show overused phrases that turn good content into cliché text. One may use free and paid versions alone or share expenses with other students. Plagiarism detectors do not let students steal someone’s works and present them as theirs. Such tricks guarantee problems with a college reputation and success. Readability enhancers show what words and sentences make the text hard for reading.

If a student provides false information, the paper will lose scores. That is why it is essential to cite only reputable sources like Jstor, Google Scholar articles, and similar websites. Besides, scientific articles, books, and periodicals are precious, too.

When one speaks about a topic selection, a student should make sure that its research will be valuable to others. It is better to ask friends and other students about their opinion concerning the worth of the chosen topic.

Don’t forget about the revision!

All these five tips help students create supreme 500-word essays. This guide is your chance to get an A!

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