500-Word Essay Ideas to Satisfy College Requirements

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Posted on December 27, 2021

Students deal with essays of different types. Argumentative, expository, narrative, and other types differ in requirements but can have the same 500 words. So, the topic choice should not relate to the word count. 500-word essay topics must be impressive and diverse. This article has great sample topics one can use to write a stunning essay. Moreover, professionals give their recommendations concerning paper structuring and hooks.

500-Word Essay Topics to Prepare Supreme Writing

It is not simple to find 500-word essay ideas. A student must read many sources to find out what things interest people today. Due to that, a student will create papers that will intrigue because unique topics always inspire. Below, one can see examples that might fit academic requirements in different topics and disciplines.

  1. Black Friday: how shops and stores influence the choices of a consumer. (Marketing)
  2. How does communication in messengers affect the grammar used by students? (Mass Media)
  3. The power of a word and advertising in elections. (Politics)
  4. Pop culture is a symbol of moral degradation. (Society and Culture)
  5. The weirdest dream I ever had. (general; reflective writing)
  6. A book character that inspires in the XXI century. (Literature)
  7. Professional skills that will be required in 10 years. (Employment)
  8. Unity rescues and loneliness kills. (Philosophy).
  9. The role of diversity in the creation of a sound rivalry among employees. (Business)
  10. Can free education be fruitful? (Society)
  11. Apps that help me stay organized and plan my day. (Computer Studies)
  12. Why can’t we live on the Moon? (Space)
  13. Miracles that a human body can create. (Biology)
  14. Can a person feel well when drinking water and taking only dietary supplements? (Nutrition)
  15. How do students maintain academic integrity in the epoch of the Internet? (Education)

A Few Tips from Experts to Succeed in Writing

500 words take approximately 1 page or 1,5 depending on the font size. For example, if it is 12 New Roman, then a person will write 1,5 pages. The structure of a paper must be logical. One should present an idea in the introduction, develop it in the body, and restate it and sum everything up in the concluding part. The correlation should be 100 – 300 – 100 words. Besides, a student should use facts to support the main topic by following college requirements.

The main job of a student is to hook the reader. A learner can apply different strategies for that purpose. It can be a striking title, a provocative statement, impressive facts, or confusing questions. Such methods will create a positive impression because readers like to be surprised. Experts suggest using lexical units that correspond to the academic level. Simple words and sentences will spoil the impression of a paper written by a student who is going to obtain a master’s degree.

It is essential to take care of grammar and formatting. Good writing deals with supreme content, flawless English, logical structure, and zero typos and grammar mistakes. So, students should either proofread the paper or let professional editors do this job.

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