20 Informative Essay Topics: Topics on Strategic Marketing Management

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Posted on January 15, 2016

If you are tasked with writing an essay of your own, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. That is why you will find a set of twenty great informative essay topics below quite useful:

  1. Why Students in MBA Programs Do Not Learn Proper Execution of Plans
  2. How the Thought Process that Implementation is Less Intellectually Demanding and Fit for “Grunts” Results in Improper Handling of Even the Best Strategic Plans
  3. How Management Learns to Make Plans, But to Never Involve Themselves in Execution
  4. Why Ownership over Change Processes Is Vital for Proper Execution
  5. How Change is Impossible without Defined Actions and Strategy Execution from Management
  6. How Execution is the Responsibility of All Managers
  7. Why Execution is the Key to Successful Change
  8. How Fast Change Implementation Results in Poor Execution
  9. How Company Culture Can be Taken into Account When Executing Change Management
  10. Why Many Mergers and Acquisitions Fail
  11. Why Leadership is Not as Important as Learning to Execute
  12. How Company Policy Impacts Success or Failure of New Strategies and Changes within a Company
  13. How Company Culture Impacts Success or Failure of New Strategies and Changes within a Company
  14. How Organizational Structure Impacts Success or Failure of New Strategies and Changes within a Company
  15. How Company Controls Impacts Success or Failure of New Strategies and Changes within a Company
  16. How Incentives Impacts Success or Failure of New Strategies and Changes within a Company
  17. How Operating Procedures Impacts Success or Failure of New Strategies and Changes within a Company
  18. Why Actionable Steps are Necessary for Change and Strategy Implementation
  19. How to Implement Strategic Marketing Management for the IT Industry
  20. Maintaining Strategic Marketing Management for Manufacturing

Besides selecting a topic, it is equally important to find supporting evidence which you can look for in out 10 facts on strategic marketing management. In addition, you should consult an article on informative essay writing. These topics are not only a great place for you to start learning more and picking a topic of your own, but below you will find a sample essay from the list above that can help you gain a better understanding of the writing process. Remember that this is only meant as a guide to help you while you work on your specific requirements.

Informative Sample Essay on Maintaining Strategic Marketing Management for Manufacturing

In order to maintain excellence in a manufacturing plant, companies need to be able to measure the performance of their maintenance program to capitalize upon these measurements in order to highlight which areas require improvement. This needs to be a continuous process of identifying those areas and subsequently implementing ideal solutions for the improvement in question. In a maintenance environment, all aspects of the maintenance department need to be benchmarked against what is considered to be “best practice”. In order to determine benchmarks and best practice, it is important to review key performance indicators. This allows for a standardization of maintenance management results to can be compared and benchmarked across the board.

Maintenance systems can be structured in such a way that they not only meet with best practice but they measure maintenance accurately and ensure performance is efficient and effective. Modern benchmarking is a way to determine how best to maximize productivity within a company and simultaneously minimize costs. This functions as a continual search for best practice, and the regular adaptation of new practices that result in superior performance. This can only be achieved through the investigation of current practices of organizations in an effort to gain a competitive advantage. This new knowledge is something that can be applied to the company in order to achieve higher performance and to meet any gaps existing in current business performance. Not only will standardization of best practice and the implementation of computerized maintenance management systems help the plants to stay competitive, it will also enable the companies to optimize their resources.

To meet these demands companies can implement a coherent maintenance management policy for best practice that results in improved performance and reduced operational costs. The most important factor in this best practice relates to the standardized implementation of new technology. The overall improvement to maintenance management can be achieved through the implementation of a standardized Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) as part of the fundamental information resource used by the companies and the technology management staff. This system offers a variety of support-related information and can assist management in their decision making. The development of CMMS is essential for maintenance managers as it offers fast management solutions in tandem with the ability to predict future outcomes based on the historical performance data for the company in question. Maintenance optimization is greatly facilitated when companies implement a management strategy of best practice in conjunction with the implementation of CMMS. Today this software is widely integrated in manufacturing plants around the world and when properly examined, can provide a means of improved maintenance inspections and services and improved administration.

It is the objectives of CMMS to reduce downtime for the company by scheduling preventative maintenance, to improve maintenance costs for the company, and to store historical records of past performance of the companies used to plan and budget other maintenance in the future and to simultaneously generate maintenance reports. Some of the biggest problems that maintenance managers in this study faced can be rectified with the implementation of CMMS. The first problem encountered includes little or no support from management for the implementation of maintenance practices, but CMMS reports are able to highlight the reduced cost and levels of downtime that would be imperative to receiving the required support. The second biggest problem is inventory problems and the need to reduce the amount of spare parts the company has while also maintaining spare parts on hand. The implementation of CMMS would control spares by eliminated non-value adding activities within maintenance. When the maintenance department no longer conducts unnecessary maintenance, it is simpler to order spare parts and to schedule maintenance as necessary.

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