Physical Education Thesis: “Issues That Worry People in the 21st Century” – 20 Topic Ideas

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Posted on August 28, 2018

The physical education thesis topics must be actual and popular. It’s necessary to learn what people are interested in. If your topic is not interesting enough, then you will lack the interest to write the paper, and you’ll lose points because the examiners expect to read and learn something interesting and even new. That’s why a student has to do a thorough research to find worthy sources and reliable facts. On the other hand, students may possess facts, but be not ready to identify the topic that might be really captivating and unexplored enough.

  1. Physical Inactivity: The Biggest and the Most Dangerous Source of Health Problems in the 21st Century
  2. What’s More Effective for Human Health Condition: PE Lessons, Sport, Traditional Exercising Or Dancing?
  3. Obesity: The Result of Wrong Nutrition or Lack of Activity
  4. One Hour of Physical Activity a Day: Is It Enough to Remain Healthy?
  5. What Type of Exercising Is the Most Useful for Weight Loss?
  6. Is Fat-free Dairy Healthy and Helpful to Get a Perfect Body?
  7. Protein Diet Peculiarities and Gym Exercising for Males and Females: The Cons and Pros
  8. What Is the Main Reason for Children’s Obesity and How to Cope with It?
  9. How to Become Motivated to Start Leading a Healthy Way of Life and Enlarge Physical Activity?
  10. Is It Possible to Have a Perfect Body Combining Fast Food Consumption and Enough of Physical Activity?
  11. Can a Person Be Healthy and Have Attractive Body Remaining Physically Inactive?
  12. How Does Economic Situation of Less Developed Countries Influence Various Types of Sport That Require Specialized Equipment (e.g., Biathlon, Swimming, Golf, Hockey, Bob Slay, Etc.)? In What Way Does It Influence Overall Global Performance?
  13. Can Supplements Substitute Vitamins and Minerals Which Healthy Food Contain?
  14. Why Are Male Sports More Popular Among Viewers Than Female One? How Does It Impact Women’s Preferences in Sports Choices and Selection of Possible Career Variants (Connected or Non-connected with Sport)?
  15. Can a Person Participate in Sports Competitions without Discrimination If He/She Has Other Religious Beliefs, Belongs to Other Race or Is a Homosexual?
  16. Does a Racial Factor Play a Great Role In Sport? (e.g., Afro-Americans Are Believed to Be Excellent Runners and Latin-Americans Are Better Football Players)
  17. People Who Have Inborn Skinny or Massive Body Structure and Whose Relatives Are the Same Cannot Gain or Lose Weight Because of Genetics. Is That True? Can High Physical Activity Change the Situation?
  18. Some People Are Afraid to Do Professional Sport Because of High Risk of Getting Traumas. The Problem Is That They Don’t Trust Field Medical Remedies. Is It as Effective as Professional Hospital Assistance?
  19. What Method of Weight Loss Is the Most Effective: Breathing Exercises, Diets Or High Physical Activity?
  20. What Can Facilities for Sports Developing Offer to Different Educational Institutions?

One more important point is that physical education is a good issue for investigation. People always will be interested in keeping healthy and fit. Trying to find a worthy topic, it’s necessary to answer FAQ questions on various websites devoted to the healthy way of life including dieting, physical education curriculum, and sport. In this way, you may get not only excellent idea for your thesis but 100% verified facts gotten from real people and not just scientists. People of different professions participate in discussions and may supply you with necessary data.

Sample Essay: Dancing as the Best Exercising for Females

A great number of people consider dancing to be just a kind of entertainment. People feel good when they energetically move listening to music. Ancient Egyptians danced for their gods before and during various rituals. Dancing was an integral part of rituals performed by Indian tribes. It’s quite problematic to find a dancer with excessive weight. The reason is that dancing requires the use of almost all human muscles. It helps to get rid of fat, acquire perfect body shape, and improve general health condition.

Dancing is a perfect choice for females who don’t want to look like a bodybuilder but to be slim and slender. One more benefit of this type of activity is that it slows down the aging process. As a result, dancers look younger than they really are. The statistic shows that regular dancing equals professional swimming, cycling, and running. Dancing helps to prevent osteoporosis that often troubles women. Regular dancing improves bones condition and metabolism process. Such activity also makes blood circulation better resulting in healthier heart and normal blood pressure. Dancing is also a perfect calorie burner. The scientists have estimated that one minute of dancing helps a person get rid of 5-10 calories. Even slow dances are helpful. For example, Waltz and Foxtrot burn 144 calories during one hour basing on 100 pounds. Quick dances like, for example, Salsa and Twist can help to get rid of approximately 290 calories base on 100 pounds. Dancing is beneficial for women with diabetes and high cholesterol level. Active practicing lowers the level of bad cholesterol and decreases the level of sugar in the blood.

Sports improve the functioning of the lungs, and dancing also does that. By the way, dancers have a better memory (because they have to remember a lot of movements and steps for one dance), strong muscle system, and it takes more time for such people to get tired, to say nothing about exhaustion.

The survey shows that women have better mood after dancing lessons. Scientists have found out that the reason is in endorphins produced by women’s organism during such lessons. Due to that, females feel less depressed and can cope with more tasks than usual.

If a woman wants to have a slender waist and good abdominal muscles without exhausting exercises in the gym, she can turn to Middle Eastern dance. People know it as belly dancing. Quadriceps, gluteus, and hamstrings are used in belly dancing. A dancer uses all parts of the body despite the fact that it’s called “belly dance”. That’s why belly dancers have attractive hips, nice flat stomach, beautiful arms, and plastic body.

In case a person wants to lose weight quickly, it’s necessary to go in for aerobic dancing. Thanks to this dancing type people can lose up to 550 calories per hour!

People usually dance in pairs or in groups with the help of an instructor. That’s why scientists believe female dancers don’t feel lonely, improve their social skills, and even prevent early menopause.


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