Essay: “Nutrition” – 20 Topics to Use as a Source of Inspiration

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Posted on September 6, 2018

If you still face some difficulties with making up a catchy investigation paper topic, you’ll find that some options below may be appealing for investigation as they reveal the leading directions in the nutrition science. Have a look at the provided nutrition essay topics in this article to have an idea of what would be on-point to discuss in your own piece of writing.

  1. Proper Nutrition as a Vital Element of Enhancing Physical Exercising Productivity
  2. Genetic Predisposition to Obesity or Is the Fat Travelling Through Generations?
  3. Proper Nutrition as a Popular Method of Rehabilitation the Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases
  4. Statistical Analysis of Cases of Anorexia and the Growing Popularity of Such a Style of Life Among Teenagers
  5. Recommended Nutrition Plans for People Who Are Fighting Post Alcohol Abuse Syndrome
  6. Psychological Paradigm of Obesity and How Our Brain Tells Us to Eat More and More
  7. The Age of Coffee Makes People Become More Dependent on Stimulants. Healthy Solution Options.
  8. Criteria for Organic Food Growing And Its Comparison with Non-Organic Variation in Terms of Usefulness for Health
  9. Selection of Nutrition Supplements for the Most Optimal Effect on Health
  10. Means of Organizing Personal Diet for Rapid Weight Loss and to Avoid Undesired Side Effects
  11. The Food That Feeds the Brain – Research on Food That Is Helping the Students to Be More Productive
  12. Means of Maintaining Decent Level of Nutrition in Marginal Layers of Society
  13. Speculations on Body Index Max and Its Medical Value for Maintaining Proper Weight
  14. Chemical Medication for Losing Fat – The Process of Burning Fat in the Body
  15. Unbalanced Nutrition Leads to Numerous Psychotic Disorders – Statistical Analysis
  16. The Means of Teaching Nutrition Basics Starting with Early Age
  17. The Role of Protein for Energy Synthesis and the Lack of It in Modern Food Products
  18. The Increase of Antioxidants in Commercial Food as Part of the Program for Increasing National Health Level
  19. Regular Water Management as a Part of Maintaining Proper Level of Hydration and Its Positive Impact on Health
  20. The Classification of Food Allergies and How to Control the Symptoms Appearance by Proper Nutrition

Please, use the topics above as a fine source of inspiration and modify them in the most comfortable manner by narrowing down or investigating some peculiar aspects of the given issues supporting them with interesting facts. As a result, you will manage to come up with both actual and interesting writing project that will have scientific value and become an informative manifestation of your knowledge.

Sample Essay: Battling Against Obesity among Children

Fatty degeneration among kids occurs more and more often in the USA. Investigators state that the third part of all American children suffers from this health issue. Usually, 95% body-mass index is considered as obesity, although according to the doctors this amount can be critical for health. Parents knowing the reasons and caring about their kids’ obesity have more chances to help the children.

Usually, the reason of obesity is the mismatch between calories consumption and their spending. Besides, it may be influenced by a variety of reasons, like lifestyle or genetics, etc.

Poor diet is reason number one. If the child consumes too much food containing fat or sugar, then there are all the chances to gain the weight. Candies, fizzy drinks, and fast food are popular nowadays and children eat a lot of them. On the other hand, children are dependent on the “bad treats” like canned pasta, frozen food, salty snacks, etc. Some families can’t buy meat, fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables. All this contributes to weight gain.

Lack of exercise is another cause of fatty degeneration. The rule is simple: if you train, then you burn calories; if you don’t train, then calories are being stored. This scheme works for people of all ages, and children are not the exception. It’s better when the child has an active way of life and is engaged not in sport only, but, for example, active games on the playground.

Kids with health issues and bad genetics are also in danger zone. If the child has relatives who suffer from overweight or similar illnesses, he or she is more likely to be obese. Besides, some pills may also become the reason of obesity. On the other hand, if the child suffers from overweight, then there are more chances of appearing the health problems like asthma, heart diseases, diabetes, sleep disorders, etc.

Not all the problems come from the body, some of them come from the mind. Kids suffering from poor self-esteem, depression or some stressful events have more chances of obesity. It can be simply explained – they eat their feelings.

Fatty degeneration also may be caused by budget and family atmosphere. Children from families with small income don’t have a well-balanced diet, besides ignored or abused kids tend to become obese. Children with overweight usually suffer from various emotional issues: depression, apathy, low confidence, lack of nutrition elements, etc.

Many kids with obesity bear the mockery of their agemates and abuse harmful food. Both issues are hard enough to struggle and require proper intrusion and thorough support. To treat obesity effectively, the treatment methods should be applied on regular basis. There are several effective ways of curing child obesity: establishing proper eating habits, engaging in a diet, overcoming stress factors with the help of specialists, protecting children from destructive environments, etc.

Children obesity can’t be left without proper cure, otherwise, it may lead to serious health issues in adult age (high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.). Support of parents or teachers and proper education may help children stay healthy. Besides, there are various associations which help both parents and children with treatment, support, and information.


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