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Posted on September 6, 2017

Group projects are perhaps some of the most difficult projects that students come across in their university life. Not knowing where to start from or how to bring all the members together is a common problem. Other than this, there is also conflict on topics as different people usually have different ideas.

Composing a group project on network security project topics require certain strategies and techniques that we are going to discuss in this second guide of ours. This is the guide where you can actually learn the easiest and fastest way to compose your group project on Network Security.

Besides having 20 network security project topics, this guide also contains an informative essay covering one of them. The short sample essay in this guide will help you understand the key points working behind this major. In addition to this, we have also mentioned a few references at the bottom of this guide as well as the previous one, 10 Facts for a Group Project on Network Security, to help you search information regarding the topic you choose.

After you’re done reading this guide, we suggest you to read our final guide, Writing a Group Project on Network Security, before you get on with writing your project. Our third and final guide contains tips, information and guidelines on how to compose a group project with ease.

The methodologies and structure of writing a group project are properly outlined, structured and composed by our experts. By reading all of the guides, you’ll be able to produce a sublime essay that would persuade your teacher.

With that being said, here are 20 topics on network security for you to consider:

  1. Is Biometric System More Secure?
  2. Can Quantum Computer Become a Reality and Offer Better Network Security?
  3. Is Apple Really Virus Proof?
  4. Reasons Behind Increasing Cyber Crimes
  5. Why Poor Cyber Security for Mobile Environments Is Threatening on a Global Level
  6. How Can Poor Network Security Be Responsible for Terrorism?
  7. How Changing Network Security Plans More Often Contribute Towards a Safer Connection
  8. What Role Has NASA Played in Providing Future Research Ideas Related to Privacy and Security?
  9. A Research Paper on Why Cyber Criminals Attack Government Organizations
  10.  How did Snowden Revolutionize the World of Security by Leaking NSA’s Information?
  11.  Is There a Need to Worry About Network Security?
  12.  Is Ethical Hacking a Danger For Us?
  13.  What Punishments Are Available to Cyber Criminals
  14.  Is Your Data Secure in the Cloud?
  15.  Are Some Countries More Secure Than Others?
  16.  Impact of Cyber Security Vulnerability on Organizations
  17.  How Businesses Are Protecting Against Cyber Criminals
  18.  Do All Cyber Criminals Want Money?
  19.  Should Banks be Provided More Network Security than Organizations?
  20.  Would the World Be a Better Place If Every Individual Is Granted a Right to Privacy?

Now, there we go with our 20 topics as discussed, it’s time for you to take a look at our sample essay that we have chosen from the above-mentioned topics. We are positive that it will help you a lot.

Sample Essay: Is Biometric System More Secure?

Login credentials have been in the play for far too long to provide security to your assets and devices. Now they seem to be failing due to successful cyber attacks and with nothing 100% able to prevent such attacks from happening. However, experts are continuously working to provide better security, and Biometrics seems to be a step in the right direction.

Security specialists and technologists from around the globe are taking a shot at Biometric technology to better ensure clients useful data. Biometric security has ended up being a successful and helpful approach to reinforce security, and with the innovation of cameras and unique finger impression techniques on cell phones, security has been given a new face.

Biometric security has been around for quite some time now but didn’t get much recognition in the field of security until Apple came up with iPhone 5S in 2013. This started the biometric era.

Ranging from small devices to big security vaults, biometric technology is serving its purpose to provide better security than ever. Some common Biometric techniques include Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Impression and Voice Recognition. According to experts, some technology is stronger than other and vice versa.

Passwords are not sufficient when security is at stake because breaching a password is not much difficult for professional hackers. On the other hand, Biometric confirmation is an authentic and logical approach to handle security breaches.

The reason for Biometrics being better than other security providing technologies, for instance, the password security, is that passwords can be cracked if they’re weak or if the breacher is a pro, however, a unique fingerprint or retina scan can’t be breached or cracked easily.

The most recent Apple and Samsung cell phones, and numerous PCs and laptops are being installed with Biometric sensors. These gadgets also have a Trusted Platform Module or Trusted Execution Environment, that handles the approval of Biometric data independently from the respective device’s operating system.

This is not only a step towards initiating a better security environment but also an effective way to keep away from various types of malware attacks coming from the network.

With evolving technologies, the threats are likely to grow as well and older security methods are not capable to battle today’s advanced hacking threats. There is a bigger chance of security danger if you’re still dwelling on older security methods to protect something very valuable. Biometric technology has been skyrocketing in the recent years and is likely to grow and advance more.

Having this technology empowered for verification and security purpose and implemented in the cell phones and other gadgets we use today have provided a safer environment for online banking, funds transfer and many other activities around the world.

It’s an adaptable security wall that can help businesses and individuals reduce security risks.

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