1000-Word Essay Ideas for Students

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Posted on December 27, 2021

Students are often faced with this type of assignment, such as writing an essay. This is sometimes difficult. And usually the problems start from the moment when the teacher says “You can write an essay on any topic” – students are confused and do not know what to write about. Today this problem will be the subject of discussion. You will learn about 1000-word essay topics and writing essays will no longer seem so scary.

1000-Word Essay

1000 words is the standard academic work for students. This word count equals approximately two and a half A4 pages. Such a volume of work often scares students, they do not leave the thought of how much time will have to be spent on writing an essay. While talking about this topic, it is important to mention that writing an essay is often not only homework, but also someone’s hobby.
For whatever purpose you would not write an essay, you need to remember that it consists of three parts:

  1. Introduction. In this part, you need to correctly formulate a thesis for your topic. The reader should be interested in reading the full version of the essay.
  2. Body. An equally important part, the so-called “essence”. Here, you can tell in detail about your point of view on a particular problem.
  3. Conclusion. This is the last paragraph in which it is necessary to summarize all of the above and express it in 5-6 lines.
    • Education Should Be Paid By The State
    • The Benefits Of Vitamins For Human
    • The Impact of Technology on Education
    • Influence of Technology on Human Life

Nowadays, artificial intelligence often replaces teachers and helps to perform operations. Its creators are considered role models. Tell us about the innovations in the world of technology. You can also speculate about whether AI will take over the world, which will help defuse the atmosphere of a serious essay.

    • Life Goals Based on Yourself
    • School Library – Source of Knowledge
    • Favorite Book Author
    • The Importance of Time Management

The first word people associate with time management is accountability. In your essay, talk about the importance of time management in everyday life, at college or at work. You can also give tips on organizing your time.

    • Ecology of the Planet in the Hands of Each of Us

Some people say that the importance of this topic is overestimated, but this is not the case. The ecology of the planet depends on each of us. Even a bottle thrown into the grass has dire consequences. People think: what’s the big deal? Now imagine what would happen if every inhabitant of the planet threw away one bottle. Describe this in your essay.

  • Change Yourself By Changing Your Mind
  • How to Keep Up with Everything
  • The Piece I Wanted To Play
  • The Importance Of Sport For Human
  • Can Esports be Considered a Sport?
  • Punctuality as an Important Quality of a Person
  • The Impact of Relationships on a Person
  • The Problem of Unemployment in The Modern World

Bottom Line

Situations often arise in the life of a modern person when it is necessary to write an essay. Don’t be afraid of it. The main thing is to choose the right topic. By choosing the right topic and opening it, you can interest your readers. After reading this article, you can forget about the words “my essay has a boring topic” etc. Seventeen 1000-word essay ideas were presented here. They will help you write interesting academic work. Therefore, do not be afraid of essays.

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