10 Rules to Remember from Every Annotated Bibliography Book You Come across

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Posted on May 30, 2016

annotated bibliography book

Whenever a paper or factual book is written it is essential to provide accurate information regarding the source of all the information used in it. This is usually referred to as an annotated bibliography and it should have a list of books, articles and documents used including the following information:

  • author’s name
  • book name
  • date of publication
  • page number of the quote
  • brief description of the citation and its relevance (about 150 words)

The purpose of this is to avoid any claims of plagiarism, allow credit where it is due and to allow readers to assess the validity of the sources quoted. In order to ensure all the relevant information is enclosed you should follow the same rules every time you create an annotated bibliography:

  1. When researching and writing be sure to note what sources you are using. There are apps available which can help you to record this information. The best option is to make a note of every citation as you put it into your work. Ideally you could list it in the bibliography as you write it and then sort the bibliography at the end. The essential rule is to make sure you record all the relevant information, without missing any!
  2. You should ensure that all works quoted are relevant to your paper and that the sources are reliable.
  3. Every annotation should have a concise description: it is best to write it as you include it in your paper. It will justify why it is used and why you are applying it to justify your point.
  4. Your annotated bibliography should always be formatted in the same way.
  5. The details of your citation should be set out in the same style as your reference list.
  6. The annotation description must comprise a summary of the work you are quoting, its focus and purpose; an overview of the theory, the findings and the argument presented by the author; a summary of why you feel this work is useful and relevant to your paper and the credibility of the author.
  7. Always put your bibliography in alphabetical order; this should be easy if using a word processor.
  8. An annotated bibliography book must still be written in the appropriate academic style and use full sentences, it should also include a good use of transition words such as ‘moreover’ and ‘however’.
  9. Never repeat information, i.e. if the title explains the context do not write it again.
  10. Never attempt to cross reference citations or text, this will simply confuse and defuse the strength of your argument.

It is highly recommended to follow these rules while writing annotated bibliography because these are the basics that professors always pay special attention to. The most important rule to remember is to be careful with the details. Also take into account the citation style you are required to use during writing annotated bibliography and to format your citing properly you can make use of Free Citation Generator. So, be attentive and you’ll get the best grades for your academic writing!

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