10 Essay Topics on the Profession of a Teacher

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Posted on December 14, 2018

Essay on a Teacher

If a person lacks information, that won’t be easy to write an essay on a teacher. An essay requires facts, proper structure, good grammar, style, formatting, and, of course, student’s time and efforts.

10 Facts about Teacher’s Profession to Make an Essay Well-Researched

Sometimes, students don’t have enough time to accomplish their essays because they cannot support them with reliable facts. It takes much time to research some topics and students usually cannot cope with the task because they just don’t have that time. We offer 10 interesting facts about the profession that will help to write an A+ paper.

  1. Today people use the word “pedagogue” when they speak about a teacher but people in Ancient Greece applied this word to slaves who were to take children and bring them first to school and then back home. “Pedagogue” means “a person who leads a child”. Slaves who couldn’t perform more difficult physical work were to be pedagogues.
  2. In ancient Greece, teachers of Arithmetic were called calculators (calculus – a pebble). Teachers used stones to count in those days. That’s how the word “calculator” appeared.
  3. In the XIX century, foreign tutors were appointed as teachers for noble children. A great number of foreigners rushed to live in Russia just at that period. Most of them were not educated. Employers hired those people because they knew a foreign language. There were some conditions though. The governesses were to be either old or married and not pretty/handsome. Due to that, husbands and wives were not afraid of possible love affairs.
  4. Some teachers turn to corporal punishment when they cannot control the discipline or make a pupil study until the present day. That’s one of the possible ways to punish a schoolchild for improper behavior and poor progress at some schools in Australia (Queensland and South Australia), Burma (Myanmar), China, Egypt, India, Japan (but rare), Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore (only males can be punished), Taiwan (despite the prohibition), Tanzania (not more than four strikes at one time and the punishment must be recorded), Thailand, the United States (only District of Columbia and 31 states have banned corporal punishment), and Uganda. As a rule, corporal punishment includes caning, kicks, pushes, beating, slapping, and mental abuse.
  5. Teachers in Ukraine and Russia (engaged in secondary schools) are getting “older” because of low salary. As a rule, only those teachers whose experience includes more than 20 years can earn more. Young teachers lack motivation and just don’t want to wait twenty years. As a result, they leave their job and look for something else or move abroad.
  6. German teachers are the only teachers who are fully satisfied with their life. No wonder, an average German earns €2500 while a teacher can earn up to €3500 per month. German teachers can afford traveling around the world and rent three-room apartments. There is also the reverse of the coin. First, they may have to teach several subjects. For example, one teacher can conduct English, Physical Education, and Chemistry. Second, a person has to pass a number of exams after the University. Third, a future teacher should undergo practical training (two years being supervised by an expert) and then pass one more State Exam. Finally, a person can look for some job at a school.
  7. Students in Turkey can kiss their teacher’s hands to thank them for their work. Turkish people believe that there must be a perfect triangle: teacher – parents – children. The better the relations are, the more productive learning achievements will be.
  8. Education doesn’t let a person become a teacher without the agreement of the government in France. French government announces which vacancies are to be filled and advertises them. A principal cannot hire or dismiss a teacher without the government’s permission.
  9. Teachers cannot give private lessons in Great Britain and can be punished or dismissed in case of disobedience.
  10. Teachers can take a vacation that can last up to a year in Israel. In addition, they cannot be dismissed during that period and they get their salary as usual.

How to Present Facts Properly

There is one more important thing each student should know. When using some facts, a person must either present the copyright page or “change” the chosen statistics, evidence and facts. What does it mean? It means that a student mustn’t simply copy the information.

The best way to support the investigation of the topic with facts is to do a thorough research. A student has to read, analyze, and interpret the information. In case a student copies the data in the paper without any changes, he or she may be blamed for plagiarism. The paper is usually checked with the help of some plagiarism checker. If the academic writing is not unique, it will be banned and a student can be expelled from the college.

That’s why it’s very important to be careful when presenting some information in the paper.


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