Language Support for International Students

Thousands of students choose study abroad option to get a feel for what it’s like living and studying in a completely new environment. It’s a challenge alright. The culture is different but one thing is absolutely difficult to cope with- attaining the perfection or fluency in English.

You might be a university student facing immense pressure in studies or a student considering to study abroad. English is your second language. On top of that, teachers are forcing you to focus on your English writing and speaking skills. I suppose the normal reaction would be to freak out.

Stress not. Almost all universities have Language Support for international students. The idea is to help international students to learn the language effortlessly and quickly. So let’s cut right to the chase and see what types of language support are usually available in universities.

Free English Language Teaching Center

Almost all universities have centers where you can access free online study tutorials, classes, workshops, and English Clubs. Some universities also provide free English Language tutors for international students.

Furthermore, international students can also get advice on how to improve their skills in writing or speaking. You can also take a leap and ask one of your classmates to tutor you.

Self-Study Support

If you are better off studying by yourself or you are more comfortable by self- studying then there are plenty of free online courses that offer free services on improving English Language skills. You can try out some practice materials of IELTS or TOEFL in a public or a university library as well.

Proofreading Service

This is a life saver for almost all international students out there. You need proofreading for an assignment or a project? Then, keep an eye on this type of service. Your assignment will usually be proofread by a volunteer or a peer who is an English Language expert. Again, don’t hesitate to ask your friends or classmates to proofread your assignment. Your classmates can usually be more candid in proofreading and thorough just because they know you.

Language partner programs

The best way to learn a foreign language is by partnering up with a native speaker. Language partner programs work by paring up people so international students can learn directly by talking to the Native English speaker. The program actually works like a language exchange where both participants teach their native language to each other. Language partner programs are abundant in universities as well as online. You can find a language exchange partner online and practice through Skype. Livemocha and Italki are two of the few great online language programs where you can get highly experienced tutors and even come across a language exchange partner.

With so many support available in universities, online and other places, you don’t need to worry about English Language anymore. After all, it is a widely known language and you will definitely find plenty of people offering you helping hand.

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