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Writer’s block is not a fantasy created by lazy writers who just don’t want to write anymore. This is a real state of mind when zero good ideas occur to you and your imagination is totally turned off. You can’t start because the topic you want to write on is nowhere near close enough to the one in your paper. Each sentence is a struggle, and it hurts physically to write even the title of your essay. Another round of pain comes when you read a lot of great examples of creative prompts and your head is still filled with emptiness. You hear the buzz of a fly outside your window and the tick of the clock…

We have some remedies for your writer’s block syndrome that will help you generate creative writing topics. But before that, let’s see why finding a strong concept is key to the success of your research.

Why the main idea is essential for the whole essay

As every good question has a hint to its answer, the title and first paragraph of every essay can say everything the reader needs to know about the author and how he or she prepared for the writing. Each argument you pick immediately demonstrates how close you are to the topic of your article. The main idea is always both a reason for and an aim of your writing. If it doesn’t drive you, why should it for others?

Selecting a proper topic is already half of the job you must do for any given paper, whether it’s an expository essay, argumentative review, persuasive speech, descriptive essay, or one of many others. The first and most important thing is how your theme connects to modern trends, the news, and innovations in related sciences. Then, it must concern you personally, as a strong personal connection with the theme will make your research even more passionate. Emotions force results in writing; that’s true. And creative essay topic ideas are always beyond your typical comfort zone and cannot work as an example for others. There’s only one writer who can deal with the killer themes featured—and it’s you.

Techniques you can use to choose the best idea for your essay


Be bold; write anything that comes to your mind. It’s quite easy, but don’t get upset if your first topic sounds like, “Why am I so horrible at writing essay topics?” or “Where are my Cheetos? I just had the bag a second ago.” Get ideas for your writing from simple routine things and let your mind flow unconditionally free. Write down 30 topics, make a shortlist of 10, pick three of them, and one topic proposal will surely sound better to you than the others.

Brainstorm until you find the right idea

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Oppose an axiomatic idea

Those who always think linearly are not inventors. Rules are great, but sometimes they are only a burden. If you have a common statement that somehow touches you but it’s too trivial, try to reverse it or make the opposite assumption. Make a question out of a simple sentence and flip it upside down to look at it from a different angle. Find a person in the situation that was unrevealed. This rebellion will stir your blood and inspire you to look further.

Review trends

This is kind of a mainstream technique, but it still works when you are trying to find essay ideas by scrolling through Facebook. Find the trendiest news and project them onto your discipline; look at how they work together, if there is any hidden threat or conflict, and how one affects another. All these things are quite simple, but if you questioned how the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk would impact agriculture—you may spot some interesting insights…

Use a “what if” modeling technique

This is a technique that stimulates your imagination. It’s not about your regrets, not at all! The modeling of situations, especially those that are irreversible or “one or the other” scenarios will also give you goosebumps. What if I start learning astronomy instead of culture? What if all the plastic in the world disappears in the blink of an eye? Even if you don’t find a great topic among your first 10 “what ifs,” you’ll stimulate your brain and your imagination will warm up with it. Well done!

Unexpected surroundings will boost your creativity

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Put your hero in unexpected surroundings

This is a typical writer’s trick. To get a great story, take a typical hero and put them into unexpected situations, then just describe the drama of their adaptation. Or you might take a crazy diamond-shaped frog and force it to go to your college, and make a satirical essay out of it. Storytelling rules the world. It starts when you hear your first lullaby and ends with the epitaph on your last RIP party. People like stories, and each essay deserves to be epic to shake the readers’ emotions.

Сheer up, you can do it!

So there you have it. We’ve collected some tricky and simple ways to light up the flames of ideas in your mind. It’s not a complete list of techniques, and a lot of writers find their own recipes for the successful forging of topics. But anyway, it’s a good place to start. Train some mental habits. It’s really important to keep your brain hygienic if you want to generate creative ideas regularly. Sometimes, this process even demands that you give up the vice of reacting automatically, refrain from assigning blame, and cut down on excessive obedience to the rules and dependence on your addictions.

Creativity requires flexibility, doubt, and debating skills. And it’s not so easy to train these features. So we wish you all the best in breaking the rules, idols, and icons for the sake of new ideas and creative new visions of reality. Be bold and confident to fill up all the blank pages that stand in your path.

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