Why is it so
hard to study?

A research

Being a student never gets easier. The competition among students makes an acceptance rate of top colleges lower and lower, so now even being an A student may not be enough.

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The competition in numbers

So, the main reason why excellent grades are not enough is the acceptance rate of different colleges. Clearly, the more reputable a college is, the higher is the competition among the applicants. There are three types of them based on their selectivity.

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Highly selective

There are up to 20 people per each place, and you have to be better than 10 to 20 other applicants.

College Acceptance rate
Stanford University 4.8%
Harvard University 5.2%
Columbia University 6.1%
Princeton University 6.4%
MIT 7.2%
Brown University 9.3%
University of Pennsylvania 9.3%
Dartmouth College 10.4%
Duke University 10.8%
Cornell University 12.7%


For a place in one of such colleges, you will compete with 4 to 2 people.

College Acceptance rate
Carleton College 21.2%
Bates College 21.9%
Emory University 22.0%
Vassar College 23.8%
Boston University 25.1%
Lehigh University 25.2%
Grinnell College 28.9%
Kenyon College 33.8%
UC San Diego 34.2%
Spelman College 40.1%

Less selective

The chances of getting into these colleges are the highest, as their acceptance rate is up to 84%.

College Acceptance rate
University of Alabama 53.3%
Rutgers University 57.8%
Furman University 61.2%
Butler University 65.1%
University of Utah 66.2%
Drury University 72.4%
James Madison University 75.2%
University of Northern Iowa 80.8%
Hope College 84.0%
Portland State University 92.0%

Other challenges

The competition for higher education neither starts nor ends at the admission stage. The more prestigious the institution is, the earlier you enter this competition and the later you end it (perfectly at your graduation).

It is harder to be the smartest

Since 1985, the percentage of A-students increased from 30% to 45%. It means that every day in high school and then college you have to compete with A-students rather than simply reach the A-level.

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Nobody is safe form a dropout

57% of students do not make it to graduation. Most of them fail to balance work and studying either missing out or skipping classes.

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Prioritizing does not work as planned

Whatever your major is, there are universal skills and requirements to them that you have to meet.

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Commonly, a first-year student writes about 30 essays in a single English 101, regardless of their major.

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Media literacy and research are incorporated in every assignment you receive, and it is also trained with writing essays.

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See the full picture

Classes in colleges usually have an interdisciplinary nature. It means that is you miss out on one subject, you may not be able to understand the other.

What can I do?

If the conditions in which you study are not perfect, you will probably need to balance between college and other activities you cannot neglect. You do not have to make the dropout statistics, as you can still keep up whatever the circumstances are.

Don’t miss out on any subject!

Commonly, here is what it takes a student to stay focused on both secondary and vocation-related subjects.


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The conditions, in which you head towards your graduation are not perfect. You need to combine activities, multitask, and stay up late, so there are many risks your rating has. Even a single missed essay can snowball into a huge syllabus blank.