How to Write an Exploratory Essay on Cultural Capital

An exploratory essay is a form of essay that usually talks about an idea or merely answers a question. If you have been assigned with an essay on cultural capital, you may want to take note of the following tips to be certain that you are writing it in a correct way:

Break the Essay into 3 Distinguishable Portions

An essay must have three parts: an introduction, a body and a close/conclusion. If each portion is not distinguishable, the reader may be confused by the time they are done reading your essay.

Do Not Beat about the Bush

Students often tend to state the obvious, a form of filler words that certainly do not fool the teacher. If a question is to be answered in the exploratory essay, make sure that you answer it in the first sentence.

Sample essay question: Do you think that cultural capital can be acquired at home?

A bad answer: Many people talk about whether or not cultural capital can be acquired through conscious effort.

A good answer: Yes, I believe that cultural capital can be achieved through conscious effort.

Do Not Try to Sound too Smart

Sometimes, students try too hard to impress their teacher, resorting to using big and bold words that eventually make less sense and put the reader to sleep.

Sample essay question: Does cultural capital vary in different social classes?

A bad answer: As per copious amounts of studies carried out by connoisseurs, cultural capital is seen to be at capricious levels in dissimilar social classes.

A good answer: As per studies and surveys carried out by experts, it seems that various social classes have a varying degree of cultural capital.

Be Sure to Back up the Statements That You Make

Since an exploratory essay is all about doing your research and making your point, you need to help the reader/teacher understand how you came about to make the statements that you did.

A bad example: Cultural capital is connected to sports because it is also connected to body management.

A good example: A common example of cultural capital is in self-presentation. Body management through sports is a direct connection to self-presentation, which is why I believe that cultural capital and sports are also connected to one another.

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Do Not Assume That Your Reader Knows Everything

It is your teacher’s job to understand how much you have understood about the exploratory topic that has been given to you. Do not come to the conclusion that your teacher acquired all the knowledge about the topic beforehand.

A bad example: As we all know, cultural capital affects the education received by students.

A good example: Cultural capital is earned through taking part in extracurricular activities. Therefore, the more students indulge in these activities, the better they can perform in different fields of education. Hence, cultural capital directly affects the education receive by students.


Once you are done writing your essay, proofread your essay. Scrutinize your own work and figure out which portions might need some editing. After all, submitting your best work is crucial.

We hope this gives you a few good notions to build your essay upon. Don’t forget to check our 12 facts about cultural capital as well as our 20 topics backed up by a sample essay.

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