Nursing Essay: The Recommendations to Guide You through the Writing Process

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Posted on January 14, 2019

To begin with, nursing is one of the most challenging academic courses as it requires great commitment to complete it successfully. Although nursing is considered to be a practical profession, you have to possess the necessary skills to write essays to show your great awareness of the discipline. As such, a nursing essay distances you from the practical side of training and gives an opportunity to demonstrate an academic understanding of nursing practice. A field of nursing has a diverse scope of applications, including a wide range of functions, roles, and responsibilities that a Registered Nurse, Advanced Practice Nurse, and Midwife are educated to perform. Without a doubt, nursing is a difficult discipline for students who want to dedicate their lives to other people’s health and well-being. Thus, nursing essays provide learners with an opportunity to improve their skills, enhance their knowledge, and gain useful experience in the field.

For writing a high-quality and informative nursing essay, you can use the following list of questions provided by our nursing essay writing service, – that will help you test your skills and become confident about the essay:

  • Do you have sufficient knowledge about the basics of nursing practice?
  • Are you aware of the essay topic?
  • Can proposed reforms or initiatives be applied in practice?
  • Can you connect the essay information with the most significant nursing theories?
  • Can you provide the main arguments and draw appropriate conclusions?
  • Which role can your work play in the field of nursing?
  • What would you change if you had the second chance to write your nursing essay?
  • Can you say that you are satisfied with the subsequent results?

With this questions in mind, you should plan your writing process, paying attention to every detail. The provided list of questions will help you understand the instructor’s expectations about your essay. Before starting to write the essay, you should profoundly consider what topic you take, what arguments you use, and how you reveal the theme. You should remember that nursing essay must focus on the use of evidence-based medicine that will help make better decisions when it comes to providing care solutions to the patients. The next section of this document will guide you through the writing of an effective and valuable nursing essay.

Choosing a Suitable Topic for a Nursing Essay

Due to the complex nature of nursing practice, there is a broad range of topics you can choose from. However, your main goal is to produce a competitive and original topic that reveals different aspects of a particular disease, health reform, clinical practice, or global health issue. If your professor did not provide you with a specific topic, you should develop it on your own. To come up with a juicy topic, you should be:

  • Critical. Do not allow your personal feelings or judgments to influence the topics you choose. Instead, be as objective as possible to choose a topic that provides a set of various aspects to reveal. Be unbiased when choosing a topic to receive rational results after all. For example, if you decide to write about benchmarking data for nursing productivity, do not refer to the best issues only. Instead, you should be impartial and attempt to reveal all possible influences of benchmarking data on nursing performance.
  • Open-minded. Do not focus on a specific area of nursing practice since this field of study contains plenty of interesting and undisclosed healthcare issues, diseases, and reforms. Therefore, you should be open-minded and willing to consider various ideas while choosing an appropriate topic for a nursing essay. In particular, if you plan to write about the role of a nurse in clinical practice or the effect of continuous anxiety on nurses’ career, do not hurry up. Instead, consider other possible themes which would be much more interesting, valuable, and informative such as the medical risks in adolescent pregnancy.
  • Culturally competent. Do not choose a topic that can harm other students or even professors from different cultural backgrounds. You should always pay attention to what you write and whether you approach a topic in a right way. For instance, if you intend to write about a global health issue such as AIDS, and you choose to reveal the devastating effect of LGBT communities on the AIDS incidence rate, choose another theme or formulate your topic according to the rules of Nursing Code of Ethics. Therefore, the topic may sound like the connection between unprotected intercourses and the growth of the AIDS incidence rate.

developmental process

As a result, if you are critical, open-minded, and culturally competent when choosing an essay topic, you are more likely to create a suitable theme for a discussion. The following list of themes will encourage you to organize your ideas and develop your own topic:

  • Cultural Sensitivity in the Context of Advanced Nursing Practice;
  • Effective Management of Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing;
  • The Relationship Between the Patronage and Patience in Children Care;
  • Simple Regression Analysis of Health-Care Settings;
  • The Importance of Professional Status for Nurse Achievements;
  • The Disturbing Growth of Infectious Diseases as a Global Health Issue;
  • The Role of Informed Consent in Quantitative Research;
  • Leadership and Nursing Practice;
  • Palliative Care and Nursing Advocacy.

The Main Aspects of Nursing Essay Writing

To achieve good grades for your essay in the nursing course, you should take into account the main aspects of writing. That is why you should review the essential pillars of nursing essay writing before you reflect upon your theme.

Evaluate Your Evidence Like a Pro

In the process of writing, you should build your arguments and suggestions on practice-based evidence. For this purpose, it is important to evaluate this evidence because it can also be argued due to a lack of effectiveness or limited resources. Besides, the evidence consists of information which is authoritative and reliable since it is more than a simple point of view or someone’s prediction. Moreover, available evidence can be limited contradict other evidence.

Furthermore, it is crucial to evaluate and make judgments about what you found. You can use different kinds of evidence for different purposes. In particular, evidence of how individuals endure a specific disease may tell you about patients’ feeling. However, it cannot inform you about what kind of care is the most appropriate in this situation.

What is more important, statistical evidence may help you determine the particular effect of a given cause and decide how exactly the care should be arranged. Nevertheless, not every evidence originates from robust experiments, while some may be more powerful than the other. That is why you should determine a connection between evidence and practice before you use it in your essay. It is important to evaluate evidence well to understand its nature and decide whether it can serve your topic. You should be critical and make wise judgments concerning the authority, cohesion, and coherence of the available evidence.

Understanding Types of Evidence Is a Must

When writing a nursing essay, it is important to distinguish evidence that comes from research and experiments since various research designs influence the nature of evidence differently. Classifying evidence will help you organize the plan reflection and observation more carefully with regard to specific questions. When evidence is appropriately arranged, it is always easier to determine its purpose. It is important to mention that experiential evidence is of great importance for healthcare because it illustrates the analysis of case studies and associates them with risk management. You can use such evidence to analyze cases and clarify what went wrong or what was misinterpreted to avoid similar mistakes in your research.

You should remember that the most reliable form of evidence you can use is the one found in your research. It is accurately produced since all inquiries are properly arranged, and great efforts are put to collect data which adhere to research questions. Research is designed to remove the risk of someone’s biased opinion by collecting sufficient data to make objective claims. While choosing evidence for a nursing essay, you should determine whether the work approaches a particular subject closely and intimately. You can create your statements and provide appropriate arguments only on the basis of authentic data. Never make claims that are unsupportable.

Do the Evidence Judgments

When you finally have different sorts of evidence, you have to judge its merits. The way that you judge evidence is linked to the research design directly. To establish the authority of the design, you should state whether the research is ethical, reliable, and valid. If it really is, you can count on the type of evidence. Plus, you should judge whether the research methods provide sufficient relevant information to meet the goal of the study and answer research questions. As such, it is essential to determine whether the design arrangements are ambiguous and clear to ensure the validity of the findings. Judging critical theory research is the most important part of the work with evidence because it entails establishing the completeness and truthfulness of the premises about the subject.

5 practice steps

The Ultimate Structure of a Nursing Essay

When you have already chosen a suitable topic and selected a portion of evidence to use in your nursing essay, you should understand the final structure of the assignment. The nursing essay structure is similar to the works from the other disciplines. The introduction, the main body, and the conclusion are the skeleton of the essay and the foundation of any writing assignment. You should look through the following sections to understand the structure of your future nursing essay.


The main goal of the introduction is to present your essay topic to the target audience and provide sufficient background information about the theme. In the introduction, you should give the rationale behind your paper and show its importance in the nursing field. In general, the introductory paragraph is designed to raise the reader’s interest in the topic and grab his/her attention. For this purpose, there is a need for a hook that can be in the form of questions, surprising statistical data, or quotes coming from the famous healthcare professionals. In addition, you should try to make your introduction concise but informative at the same time to provide a short review of your essay.

The concluding sentence of your introduction will be the so-called thesis statement. It is the main part of any nursing essay that presents your position concerning the topic and provides a summary of the main points. Hence, it is essential that your thesis statement includes one sentence that will serve as a basis for your further argumentation. The thesis statement is considered effective if it answers the question of the essay directly and makes a claim that others may dispute. The following list includes examples of strong thesis statements:
The shortage of nurses in the global healthcare system affects patients’ satisfaction, a level of mortality, and the quality of care.

In this essay, the strong point is presented to advocate for the growth in nursing that will address patient complaints, family concerns, and enhance the completion of health programs.
Amnesia is the most dangerous illness since it causes the loss of important memories, complicates the new information learning process, and forms false memories.

The Main Body of a Nursing Essay

Probably, this is the most significant part of your essay since the thesis statement does not work until it is justified using strong arguments. The main body of your nursing essay shows the consecutive development of your analysis. Thus, it is important to remember that each issue you would like to discuss should appear in a separate paragraph. Additionally, each paragraph should contain a topic sentence in which you present your opinion regarding the issue, evidence for support, discussion, and the concluding statements in which you clarify whether the subsequent analysis refuted or proved your argument. Don’t use any irrelevant information to meet the word count requirements because the quality of your work will significantly decrease.

Strong Conclusion

In this section, you should restate your thesis statement, summarize the main arguments revealed in the main body, and give further recommendations concerning the topic. You should frame your conclusion exceptionally to make your work more appealing to the reader. The main task of the conclusion in your nursing essay is to outline the results and all findings and reflect upon their significance in the field of nursing. The findings presented in the concluding segment should relate back to the position provided in the thesis statement. The conclusion can also be viewed as your last opportunity to convince the reader that your essay is strong, reliable, and valid. Only such an essay will earn you a good grade. You are not allowed to introduce new concepts or express new opinions in the conclusion since this part is completely based on the argumentation presented in the main body of the essay. You need to concentrate on the essential arguments of the essay and formulate the ultimate meaning of your research.

Proofreading and Editing Tips from Our Writers

When you’re done with the writing part, it is time to check your work for different types of common mistakes. Proofreading is an important step in the entire writing process because the grammar, the punctuation, and the spelling mistakes can affect the clarity of your essay significantly. You are not allowed to use the first person “I” or “We” in your nursing essay since it will make your work informal and too personal. All kinds of statistics, statements, and ideas should be presented in a scholarly manner. Do not forget to cite any information that is not common knowledge to avoid plagiarism issues.

Finally, take your time and examine your essay as thoroughly as possible. Pay attention to all figures, tables, or graphs that can be used in the nursing essay. Investigate whether your essay is readable and looks appealing to the reader. Check the consistency of your work and evaluate the effectiveness of your analysis. Make sure that all statements used in your nursing essay are meaningful and up to a point. Use this nursing essay writing guide to save up time and create an excellent nursing essay.


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