Humanize AI Text Without a Struggle: Tips on How to Make AI-Generated Text Sound Natural

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Posted on December 4, 2023

ChatGPT is a groundbreaking AI tool that has changed the way people write. All you need to do is ask chat to generate text — it’s as easy as pie. However, AI detection tools emerged shortly after text generators did, so now you need to humanize AI text. If you often spend more time on making your text more human than you do to generate it, you might be wondering how to humanize ai-generated text.

Humanizing AI generated text is sometimes a challenging task, even when you only use Chat GPT to brainstorm ideas. It feels like AI tools put a signature watermark on the generated text, making it detectable. But no worries; you can bypass AI detection tools even if you use ChatGPT. Keep reading this article to know how to humanize AI text.

Why You Need to Humanize AI Text

Barely anyone would risk submitting an AI generated text as it is without changing it, not only because of the danger of setting off AI detection tools, but because the text generated by GPT is often subpar. Indeed, the content generated by this advanced AI technology is characterized by high grammatical accuracy, but the information provided by AI tools is not always accurate.

Pro tip
You need to humanize AI text to meet academic integrity standards. You can use AI to generate some sentences or write a sample draft. However, any work you submit to your professors must be written by you, not another person or machine.

Moreover, GPT-generated essays don’t sound natural or human, which makes them less appealing and harder to follow, not to mention the fact that AI content never presents unique ideas! That is why you need to give an AI-generated text a human touch. Converting your content into human form can help you make your text more readable and engaging. Don’t forget to check the accuracy of the information provided by ChatGTP, too! With some tips on how to humanize ChatGPT text, it’s easier than you think.

Maximal Humanization: Change AI Writing to Human Writing

When you use AI tools to generate content for your text, it’s undoubtedly important for you to ensure that your text looks human-written and natural. Nonetheless, if you have ever tried to convert an AI to human form, you might know what a pain in the neck AI detectors can be! Even after careful revision, your text might include detectable signs of AI-generated content, not to mention that a trained human eye could suspect something!

Want to know how to humanize AI generated text so that everyone believes it’s human-generated? Follow these simple steps.

How do I humanize my AI text? A step-by-step guide

  • Step 1: Review the AI-generated content to understand its main points. Don’t simply copy and paste the AI-generated text; instead, use it as a tool to gain some general info about the topic. Include only those ideas that seem relevant to you, and avoid overgeneralizing sentences. Analyze your text to identify the parts that are hard to follow or unclear, and consider changing them.
  • Step 2: Edit the AI-generated content to humanize text AI. Keep changing the text until it manages to bypass AI detection. Keep in mind that AI detectors usually analyze the text as a whole rather than its parts, so try editing all the detected sentences at once.
  • Step 3: Check and clarify your text. Is your content hard to follow? Ensure that the information in your text is organized in a logical and coherent manner. Do some concepts seem complex to you? You can find explanations of the difficult parts in external sources and cite them. One more way to make your text clearer and more engaging is by making it more personable, so let’s advance to the next step.
  • Step 4: Add your thoughts. What do you think about the topic of your text? Provide these ideas to make your text more personalized and natural. You can also add some examples and explanations to break down the complex concepts and make your text more appealing to its readers. If it’s appropriate, you may also use analogies and humor to make your content more personable.
  • Step 5: Fix the structure of your text by ensuring the proportionality of all its parts. This will not only increase the quality of your paper; AI tools usually generate paragraphs of completely random sizes, so fixing your text’s structure will also make it more human.
How do I humanize my AI text?

Hopefully, you’ve followed all 5 steps, and now your text not only bypasses AI detectors, but feels completely natural as well.

6 Best Tips on How to Humanize AI-Generated Text

AI detection tools identify GPT-generated text as easily as if this AI tool had put a signature watermark on it. The algorithms of AI text generation tools use patterns that serve as the watermark indicating the use of ChatGTP. Here are some tips on how to remove the watermark signature from your text:

  • Paraphrase sentences. AI generation tools are based on algorithms that learn from patterns in the training data. These algorithms contribute to predictable word choices that can be easily detected. To identify predictable word choices, you can look for recurring phrases in your text. Once you notice these patterns, you can paraphrase sentences generated by AI to humanize text.

Detectable: Preventive healthcare empowers individuals to take control of their well-being through education and awareness, fostering long-term sustainability in healthcare systems and contributing to healthier, thriving communities.

Less detectable: Prеvеntivе hеalthcarе fostеrs еducation and awarеnеss, which motivatеs pеoplе to takе proactivе stеps in managing thеir wеll-bеing, hеlping to crеatе a morе sustainablе hеalthcarе systеm and dеvеlop hеalthiеr, thriving communitiеs.

  • Avoid repetition. The algorithms of AI content generation tools remain imperfect and often use repetitive sentence structures. That’s why you should carefully analyze AI output to identify these patterns. Avoiding repetition removes the signature watermark from the text and keeps it natural.

Detectable: Preventive healthcare plays a crucial role in promoting overall well-being and preventing various illnesses and diseases.

Less detectable: Preventive healthcare plays a crucial role in promoting overall well-being and averting various illnesses and diseases.

  • Use active voice. Passive voice, often used by AI tools, isn’t just detectable, but also more impersonal. In contrast, active voice sounds much more like human language and is more dynamic and natural. If you want to make your text more human and engaging, you should use active voice.

Detectable: Preventive measures are taken to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and the complications of existing conditions.

Less detectable: Healthcare professionals take proactive measures to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and the complications of existing conditions.

  • Fact-check the text. ChatGPT and other AI tools don’t guarantee the accuracy of their information, so you should always analyze the output provided by them. If you use AI technology to generate content, you should exercise caution and think critically. Remember that you must always ensure the accuracy and reliability of your text.

AI text: According to studies, mammography screenings have been shown to prevent approximately 15-30% of breast cancer cases.

Facts: Mammography screenings don’t prevent breast cancer cases; instead, they detect cancer in its early stages. However, mammography screenings reduce breast cancer mortality rates by 15-30% in women aged 40–74.

  • Make your text more comprehensive. ChatGPT produces overly generalized content without considering specific context and nuances. Providing comprehensive ideas is what removes the GPT watermark from the text and keeps it unique, while explaining complex concepts using real-life examples humanizes the text and makes it easier to understand.

Overgeneralized sentence: Preventive care measures include regular check-ups, vaccinations, screenings, and lifestyle modifications.

More comprehensive version: Preventive measures include both medical interventions, such as regular check-ups, vaccinations, and screenings, and individual lifestyle modifications, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.

  • Use an AI to human text converter. Here’s a suggestion for lazybones: you can humanize AI text online. All you need is to paste AI generated text — and the text humanizer converts it into a human form. Nonetheless, you might get more lost than before when you try to search for tools to humanize AI text on the Internet, since there are many. Good thing you don’t need to do that!

Most Useful Free Tools for Humanizing AI Text

Which tools can effectively humanize AI-generated text? Not all of them are equally effective. Which text humanizer can you trust?

Humanize in a sentence: How effective are humanizing tools?

Let’s conduct a bit of research to answer this question, considering only the free AI to human converter and chat GPT humanizer options: AI text converter, AISEO, AI to human converter and… ChatGPT. So, here is a GPT-generated text. The generated text as it is without changing is detected by ZeroGPT as being 100% AI/GPT-generated text.

Humanize in a sentence

Now, let’s see how good each AI to human text converter is.

  • AI text converter

This free AI to human text converter made minor modifications to this text without changing its formal tone, so you can use it to remove AI detection from essay. Nevertheless, GPTZero is still not fully convinced that this is human language. You should also take into account that after conversion through this humanizer AI text becomes shorter.

AI text converter

Well, without a doubt, this AI to human converter tool made AI-generated text more human. But you definitely shouldn’t use it as an essay humanizer because the text now has a conversational style. Nevertheless, if you need text for your blog that is natural and simple, go ahead and use AISEO.

AISEO essay humanizer
  • AI to human converter

This AI to human text converter tool effectively removes the signature watermark from the text and keeps it formal. Moreover, the word count remains the same! Although it didn’t make any significant changes to the text, this AI to human converter demonstrates that minor modifications can help you bypass AI detectors.

AI to human text converter tool
  • ChatGPT

Can this AI humanize text? Yes, it can. To humanize AI text generator, just ask AI to humanize text — and bingo! The result is surprisingly good. After the conversion, the text does not only maintain its formal tone — it manages to bypass the AI detector. The humanized text is a bit longer, however, but it does not seem like a big deal.


Although AI to human converters demonstrate good results, they are still not as good at writing as a human as you are! Remember that text converter tools can be an optional preparatory step, and you should keep humanizing your text according to the five steps mentioned above.

Advanced technology simplifies and complicates our lives at the same time. ChatGPT can write your essays and content, but AI detectors might be challenging to bypass. Fortunately, you can humanize AI generated text by using converters and humanizer tools. Although they are effective and all great, don’t forget that only you, a human, can add a human touch to your text. Use AI text generation tools responsibly, and good luck with your writing endeavors!
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