Argumentative Essay Sample on Cell Phones: Pros and Cons

Posted on April 5, 2020

Before the emergence of cell phones, people used to hang around their houses to be able to use voice calling services. Cell phones have improved upon this norm by offering mobile telephone gadgets that could be fixed in cars, as well as carried around since they are portable and are light in weight. Cell phones that were made in the first years of manufacturing were heavy in weight and installed in vehicles permanently. In addition, strictly limited services were provided for each geographical area, as few frequencies could be available. Later, modern cell phones (also known as hand phones) exploited the idea of cellular network, which possesses frequencies that can be used repeatedly in the same area in the city.

Cell phones have enabled Americans to travel with technology everywhere they go. This allows many users to access and share the radio bandwidth. What is more, cell phones also allow calls to be made in a wide geographical area. The user does not have to own the station. Being a subscriber is the only thing required. Cordless telephones are completely different from cell phones as they can be used only in the area of one personal base station.

Indisputably, ever since the emergence of cell phones, people can constantly keep in touch with their loved ones, regardless of the distance. One can reach almost everywhere without any difficulty. When in the past years, people were separated by distance for some reason, and it took forever to write, to send, and to deliver a single letter. Today, it takes a couple of quick clicks, and you see the face of your significant other, parent, or friend real-time! In addition, people can immediately get help in case of emergencies. Furthermore, by means of mobile phones, people can lessen their boredom through listening to their favorite music or watching downloaded movies.

When it comes to maintaining a cell phone, it is important to mention that the cost of its maintaining is competitive with any other communication techs. While you’re required to pay just $40 per month, you will be provided with an opportunity to enjoy unlimited voice minutes, data, and text. Not so long ago, people would be forced to pay for each long-distance minute and connections that they used over a landline.

In general, the invention of cell phones has led to massive changes in the United States. In the main, people began to spend many hours talking on cell phones. American culture has tremendously changed with the emergence of cell phones. The ring tones companies that enable people to listen to popular music are a five dollar billion market at the moment. This is a clear demonstration of how a huge industry can result from the use of a mobile phone. Minor firms now market cell phone games, as well as video content aimed specifically to be watched on cell phones. Additionally, other creative functions have arisen, such as text messaging, Short Message Service (SMS), as well as fake talking (people pretend to converse using cell phones to fight fear and loneliness). In the situations when young people (men and women) are controlled in their capability to socialize, cellular phones have been helpful for social interaction.

Cell phones have an effect on America’s built environment, especially through widespread advertising. Cell phones have grown to be popular in the United States, unlike the Internet. The latter, on the other hand, has caused digital division between various social classes. It is also recognized to be glamorous and inexpensive. The majority of the cell phone subscribers in America personalize and decorate their cell phones, bringing about folk art cottage sector. The cell phone has grown to be some kind of art, whereby a cell phone user’s preference of phone and decoration serves as a sort of personal statement.

The emergence of the mobile cellular phone has as well brought about changes in various cultural norms in America. Industries, movie theaters, cafés, and parks are just a number of spaces where the suitability of cell phone discussions is unclear and doubtful. Cell phones prioritize socialization with people who are far away over those who share space.

Classrooms are also other sectors that have significantly changed in America due to the use of cell phones. Nowadays, the majority of students use cell phones in class, especially when it comes to text messaging and the internet. Students can now get information faster through the cell phones. This has significantly affected education standards since most of the students use cell phones to cheat during exams. But the reality is that cell phones have successfully turned into a powerful learning tool. All cell phones that were primarily used to engage students in class create personal computer access points that guarantee better academic results. A lot of schools all over the globe encourage a special policy that encourages students to bring their own devices in order to boost students learning abilities. Even though academic progress might be hurt when undergrads use their phones just to entertain, coupled with financial problems that exist in this or that region, well-arranged content access is absolutely beneficial.

Despite the presence of moderately small screen sizes, the majority of people in America have started watching TV on their cell phones. They prefer this way in order to distance themselves from jam-packed situations and also prioritize their attention. Regardless of the widespread recognition of the cell phones’ video technology, consumers are still cautious of two-way video, caused by anxieties about privacy and surveillance. The political sector in America has also changed tremendously as a result of cell phones. Cell phones have been utilized to mobilize followers for political causes. Protesters use their cell phones to send text messages to organize activities, as well as avoid the police.

Obviously, the whole range of advantages that we’ve just discussed make cell phone market in America is very dynamic and competitive. There are several service providers in America that are competing with each other to offer America the best possible rates. The majority of cell phone companies launch campaigns that enable America to communicate at a slightly cheaper rate. Furthermore, making international calls though the cell phone is much cheaper than through landline. This has enabled expansion of international trade between the United States of America and other states.
In conclusion, cell phones have enabled people to form their own micro-cultures. In America, people are changing cultural customs and values, and are greatly demonstrating consumers’ skills to repurpose and modify technology for their personal use. In my opinion, the invention called “a cell phone” has allowed people in America to protect their private relations from the culture in their surroundings. What is more, these devices have encouraged the existence of a great variety of complex but exclusive micro-cultures.

All in all, even though the emergency of cell phones has certain negative sides, we can’t disagree that the number of benefits easily combats any disadvantages that exist today. In case when responsible use becomes the number one priority for people of all ages and nationalities, the advantages of cell phones easily overshadow all the negative issues. It is when the devices are misused that the drawbacks tend to become visible and highly debatable.

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