Narrative Essay: “Women Empowerment Essay” – 20 Topic Ideas to Analyze

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Posted on November 3, 2016

Many students find themselves getting stuck right at the start of an essay due to not being able to choose the right topic. This is why we’ve created this guide where you are provided with 20 narrative essay topics on women empowerment essay to choose from. You no longer have to spend hours just doodling over what women empowerment topic to write on.

Previously, we had discussed 10 facts for a narrative essay on women empowerment so that you can write a more liberal essay, while backing up your thoughts or ideas through credible sources and facts.

And just so you know, in our final guide, how to write a narrative essay for women empowerment, you’ll be brought to speed on tips and tricks that enhance your writing and make the essay interesting to read

Without further ado, here are 20 narrative essay topics on women empowerment:

  1. How an Increase in Women’s Education Results in Higher Economic Growth
  2. Merits of Reducing the Gap between Men’s and Women’s Labor Force
  3. Why Women Bear Disproportionate Responsibility for Housework
  4. Reasons Women Like to Work under Informal Employment
  5. Should Women be Paid Less than Men? If Not, Why is This Happening Today?
  6. Evidence Shows That Women Are Better at Harvesting Goods than Men
  7. Why is it That More Women Die in Natural Disasters than Men?
  8. How to Get Rid of Physical and Sexual Violence Against Women
  9. The Relationship between HIV and Lack of Women Empowerment
  10. Risks of Getting Sexually Harassed if You are a Woman
  11. The Frivolous Culture of Being Forced to Get Married at the Age of 18
  12. Effects of an Early Marriage on Women
  13. Why 92% of Women in New Delhi Are Sexually Harassed by Men
  14. Reason why 70% of Women Are Subjected to Physical and/or Sexual Violence
  15. Gender Inequality: A Culture That Has Dominated the Entire Human Civilization
  16. Why Women Are Not Allowed to Drive or Work in Saudi Arabia
  17. How Education Can Empower Women to Say No to an Early Marriage
  18. Psychological Effects of Gender Parity and Inequality on Women
  19. How Education Can Help Save Millions of Mothers’ Lives
  20. Increasing Economic Growth through Women’s Labor Force

There you go! Since there are 20 topics to choose from, we believe that it would now be very easy for you to start essay writing. If you are still unsure which topic to choose from, we recommend choosing a topic that you are most familiar with.

As promised, we’ve written a sample narrative essay on women empowerment for you, so you can have a fairly good idea about how it should be written. Be sure to read our final guide before you start writing your narrative essay on women empowerment, which is all about “how to write a narrative essay on women empowerment”. The guide will help you write an exemplary essay and leave your professors in awe.

Here is the sample narrative essay on women empowerment:

Sample Narrative Essay: Psychological Effects of Gender Parity and Inequality on Women

I remember when I was about 9 years old, I never really cared about what others thought about me and my gender – on the contrary, gender inequality was far from any thoughts. But when I started high school, I soon began to feel what it meant to be a woman.

I have a brother who’s two years older than me though I was always consciously aware that he never knew how I feel about my life then and how I faced troublesome issues, growing up as a woman. I completed my Bachelors in Business Administration because I was interested to work in a financial firm, but these “firms” were not looking for females. In fact, their vacancies were only open to men. Because of this reason, I was unable to plan my future goals and wasted several years before I realized that I was under psychological stress.

Getting rejected just because I was a woman, led me to believe that I am not worth living, which to make matters worse, led to depression, anxiety and insomnia. I didn’t want to involve my family in my personal affairs and all I can say when I look back is that my voice didn’t have the same weight as my brother’s did.

Due to the reason that I couldn’t apply at a financial firm given my gender, I had to find a mid-level job and worked as a cashier in a local store for several years in order to financially support my studies, which enabled me to complete my Masters in Business Administration. These events, however, damaged my self-esteem and I felt a notable change in my mood, lifestyle and how I perceived myself. I didn’t care about how I looked or how others perceived me, as there was a fire in me to complete my education, but also fear that if I fail my exams, my dreams would permanently shatter into little pieces.

Unfortunately, before I could finish my studies, my parents decided to marry me to someone whom they claimed had been “chosen very wisely”. At the time, I hadn’t given much thought to marriage as my focus was on completing my Master’s program, but since I was a woman, my voice had no weight and I had no say at all in the matter.

At the age of 21, I was married off to a guy who was 8 years older than me. In the first few years, I was nothing but a “playtoy” for my husband but soon, he realized that I was in a lot of pain emotionally and needed a shoulder to lean on.  My husband soon started to understand me and tend to my needs; he encouraged me to complete my studies and loved me the way I truly wanted to be loved. Since that moment, I’ve realized that my parents did chose a great husband for me – a humble and loving individual who knew more about me than I knew myself.

I now realize how many young women must have faced problems due to gender inequality. Thinking about those women and how they may not have caring and thoughtful husbands like mine, sends shivers down my spine and I feel sorry for them. I hope the world soon realizes how hard it is for women to live a life that they can only dream about.

That’s wraps up our sample essay. Let’s head over to our last guide, how to write a narrative essay for women empowerment, where you familiarize yourself with tips, methods and tactics to improve your narrative writing and deliver an exemplary paper to your professor.


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