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Essays in History

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Current Issue

Volume 55 - 2022


  • “The Doors of Immorality Were Set Wide Open by State Authority”: Violence Against Indigenous Women in the Jacksonian Southeast, 1830-1840

    Noelle Iati
    09 Apr 2022
    55 :1-25

Historiographical Essay

  • Beyond Sexual Politics and Sexual Communities: Unlikely Spaces for Queer Identity in the Postwar United States

    David Ferrara
    09 Apr 2022
    55 :1-6

  • Linked to Africa: An Examination of the Current Historical Discourse on Enslaved Foodways in the United States

    Edith Ritt-Coulter
    01 Aug 2022
    55 :1-12

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Book Review

  • The Hardhat Riot: Nixon, New York City, and the Dawn of the White Working-Class Revolution. By David Paul Kuhn. (New York: Oxford Press, 2020.) Pp. 416. Hardcover, $20.17.

    James Barney
    09 Apr 2022
    55 :1-3

  • Science Under Fire: Challenges to Scientific Authority in Modern America. By Andrew Jewett (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2020). Pp. 369. Cloth, $39.95

    Keith McNamara
    09 Apr 2022
    55 :1-3

  • The Howling Storm. By Kenneth Noe. (Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press, 2020) Pp. 670. Hardcover, $55.

    Brian Valimont
    09 Apr 2022
    55 :1-2

  • Friendly Enemies: Soldier Fraternization Throughout the American Civil War. By Lauren K. Thompson. (Lincoln, NB: University of Nebraska Press, 2020) Pp. 240. Hardcover, $55.

    Brian Valimont
    09 Apr 2022
    55 :1-3

Front Matter

  • 2022 Editorial Team

    Connor Kenaston
    09 Apr 2022
    55 :1

Past Issues of EiH

The EiH Editorial Team is working on migrating our past issues to the journal’s new website. However, this process takes time and we are not yet done. If you would like to access past issues of EiH, you may still do so via
Posted on 15 Dec 2020

A New Era for EiH

We are pleased to announce that Essays in History is now partnering with Aperio Journals, a joint venture of the University of Virginia Library and the University of Virginia Press. Aperio’s commitment to publishing high-quality open access scholarship aligns with the goals and values of EiH. The Editorial Team believes this partnership will enable EiH to better serve the emerging historians who edit, read, and write for the journal.
Posted on 14 Oct 2020

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Jose Tomas Baves and the Legion of Hell: Class-Warfare in Venezuela, 1813-1814

01 Jan 1961

Notes and Documents: Restoration Politics and Dryden's Allegory in Absalom and Achitophel

01 Jan 1973


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