7 Extra Easy Ways of Writing Essays for Fun: Tips from Our Expert Writers

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Many students feel that writing is one of the most daunting tasks for them. The idea of “fun essays” is an oxymoron for many people. In this article, two experts from different departments of our company will discuss how to make an essay writing process fun for students. As you’ll find out, it’s not that difficult.

Joanne and Rand from the Essay Writing Department will discuss three topics. Firstly, they will discuss the difficulties in academic writing per se. They will talk about the reasons why students may find it difficult to write and enjoy writing. Then, they will transition to the reasons why writing is generally fun despite the fears of the students. The final goal of the discussion is to show how to make writing fun. As you’ll find out, it’s far from difficult. Writing can be fun if you allow it to entice you!

Q: Why is writing difficult for college students?

Rand: I can say that essay writing can be a challenging task for many reasons. One of the main challenges is the need to organize and structure ideas in a logical and coherent manner. Even writing essays for fun is hard work! When you have to come up with interesting answers to questions like “If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?”, even the most experienced writers suffer.

Joanne: I agree. Many people struggle because they don’t know how to structure their papers well. And that’s where another difficulty regarding essay writing comes in. It is the need to conduct thorough research to support one’s arguments. Writing essays for fun isn’t simple, as Rand mentioned. It often involves reviewing numerous sources and selecting relevant information, which can be time-consuming and mentally exhausting. To fight anxiety regarding it, you should probably set some challenges for yourself like finding sources from the current year, as they are both fun and will help you to upgrade your skills.

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Q: What are some other difficulties that befall students? Writer’s block? 

Rand: I agree that another common issue is the struggle to articulate thoughts into written words. Many people simply can’t formulate anything of value. Even I struggle with coming up with good ways to begin an essay. And what about inexperienced people? This problem creates a tendency among students to plagiarize (especially accidentally). 

Joanne: I remember my first attempts at essay writing. To use a euphemism, they were mediocre. Also, let’s not forget that there is the challenge of meeting the specific requirements of the assignment, including the formatting, citation style, and word count. Still, that’s why I love essay writing; it’s challenging. If you want to have fun with writing, turn it into a game of self-improvement. 

Q: Why is essay writing fun? What makes it fun?

Rand: While it may seem daunting at first, the process of crafting a well-written essay can be incredibly satisfying. It’s difficult to make an essay, but ultimately, that’s why it’s so enjoyable. 

As Mahatma Gandhi put it, “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.”

Above all, essay writing provides an opportunity for individuals to engage deeply with a topic they are passionate about. This allows them to explore their interests, learn new things, and develop a deeper understanding of complex concepts. The content of an essay is one of the most interesting things about it. The act of researching information can be stimulating.

Joanne: I agree with you. Essay writing is one of the most interesting things in my life. I recommend it to everyone. Essay writing encourages individuals to think critically and express their thoughts in a clear and organized manner.

Essay writing can be a satisfying creative process, akin to putting together a puzzle or building a structure.

One of the key rules for writing an essay is the following: the process of crafting an essay involves piecing together individual ideas into a cohesive whole, with each sentence and paragraph contributing to the overall argument. Through careful use of language, tone, and style, writers can also create a unique voice and convey their ideas in a way that is engaging and persuasive. There are many creative ways to write an essay. Anything else, Rand?

Rand: Well, I think there’s one more thing to consider in all this. 

Essay writing provides a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. 

The act of completing an essay can also provide a sense of satisfaction and pride as writers see their ideas come to life on the page. Writing for fun is a perfect way to raise your self-esteem. 

Q: How to make essay writing fun?

Joanne: Oh, I love the question. I learned how to enjoy writing in college. That’s one of my greatest accomplishments over those years. 

So, first of all, I always choose some of the best music for writing essays to make the process extra fun. This can help with writing an essay and it can make the writing process less overwhelming and more achievable. Everyone will have a different playlist, but mine include some upbeat music, to create a tempo that will resonate with the sound of me typing the words. 

When I stare at a blank page for too long and understand that I’m close to despair, I do an exercise that awakens my creativity right away. The exercise is called “Acrostic Associations”. I take a word — any word will do. Usually, I pick a random object around me and write it vertically. Then, I think of a word — usually it’s an adjective — that would characterize this object. Line by line, I have a poem, which is called an acrostic.


Sample of an “Acrostic Associations” exercise

Rand: Wow, Joanne, that’s one of the good ideas for writing I’ve heard for a long time. I shall try it someday.

Joanne: You’ll love it. Somehow, the writer’s block disappears altogether after this activity.  And another exercise that saves me on gloomy writing days is the “what if” exercise.

  • What if I was in Japan right now? What would astonish me the most?
  • What if I had to construct a spacecraft on my own? What would my first step be?
  • What if I had to choose one person to stay with on Earth after the apocalypse? Who would it be? Why? 

Weird questions, I know. But they are so deep and even psychologically important. I feel light and creative at once. But it’s important not to get carried away with these questions. Once I stopped mid-workday. I guess that those are my favorite exercises. Rand, what do you have to offer?

Rand: I also like the idea of doing some writing challenges. It can be extremely fun and teaches you how to promote something truly creative. What are some ideas for fun essays? Firstly, you can try collaborative writing with your colleagues. They can write one part of the story, and then you have to finish it. Such story chains can lead to surprising outcomes that you’ll remember for a long time. Secondly, a potent idea is to consider some non-conventional descriptions. How about describing the most unfashionable attire you can imagine? This exercise will help you test the limits of your knowledge.

Joanne: Oh, and I’ve recollected another writing activity. I adore writing diaries for imagined people or for my future self. This is a perfect way to boost your imagination regarding the world. Writing for fun is possible if you create some interesting activities. 

writing essays for fun

Rand: And I guess the final activity worth mentioning is following writing prompts. Everyone knows about them, but I often hear that they are neglected by students, basically for no reason. Writing prompts give an immediate creativity boost. Here are some of my favourite prompts that I’ve written over the years:

  • Write a story that starts with the phrase “I’ll eat my hat.”
  • Write a story inspired by the concept of arigata-meiwaku. 
  • Write about your relative finding a treasure in an unexpected place.
  • Write a story about you being late to witness a special event.
  • Describe your stay in a waiting room at a clinic that promises to cure writer’s block.
  • Write the worst Amazon review ever.
  • Imagine you are going to buy a big school bus and then travel across the country. You post an ad asking if anyone will join you. What comes out of it?

Joanne: Thanks, Rand. I also love writing prompts. 

Rand: Think that’s it. I guess our readers are now fully equipped with all sorts of activities. They are bound to adore writing as much as we do.

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