“Why I Want to Be a Nurse Practitioner” Essay: Fresh Ideas from a Nurse Student

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Sooner or later, everyone who has chosen the noble profession of a nurse has to write a “Why I want to be a nurse practitioner” essay. I had to write it, too. I can’t say it was easy. I don’t know about you, but I often have this silly situation with essays: I have a bunch of thoughts and want to put them all on paper. However, when I actually start working, I only look at the empty monitor screen and the blinking cursor, which seem to be mocking me, waiting for at least one word to be written.

That’s why I decided to write this post and help other students who have an essay on why I want to be a nurse practitioner hanging over them like the sword of Damocles.

Further in the article:

Step 1: Start with Personal Inspirations for Choosing Nursing

Those who will read your essay “Why I want to be a nurse practitioner” will, first of all, want to see your personal inspirations for choosing nursing. Here, you have to open your soul, so to speak, and pour out all the reasons why exactly you want to pursue nursing.

No need for unfounded and general statements such as “This is the dream of my life to build a nursing career.” Be honest and let your readers feel and even live your reasons.

I shouldn’t give any direct quotes. However, I can share the general sense of what I have written in my “Why I want to be a nurse practitioner” essay at the time:

I am the mother of a wonderful boy whom, for various reasons, I am raising alone. Taking care of my child has become an integral part of me. As my son grew up, I began to notice how much I enjoyed taking care of him. How much I like it after, for example, helping him feel better after a severe cold. This thought made me realize that I could help other people feel better, too. It was then that I decided that I wanted to become a nurse and help my patients get well.

Step 2: Proceed with the Healthcare Challenges in Nursing

At the same time, your instructor also wants to see that you are not rose-eyed and are clearly aware of all the challenges that nursing prepares for you. Therefore, in your “Why I want to be a nurse practitioner” essay, be sure to dwell on the biggest problems you think professionals who care for patients face.

To get your thoughts in motion, try the following typical challenges of nursing. You can use them in your “Why do I want to be a nurse practitioner” essay.

Challenge #1: Balancing professionalism and empathy

Nurses constantly face the challenge of balancing clinical knowledge and empathy. They must be professionals in their field, but at the same time, they also should be able to connect emotionally with their patients. This is not an easy task to be able to provide empathy in nursing on a daily basis.

Challenge #2: Continuous learning in nursing career

The importance of continuous learning in nursing is incredibly important. People who want to become nurses should be prepared so that their training will not end with getting a diploma and NP license. The healthcare industry is a highly dynamic field where constant changes are taking place. To keep up with progress, new technologies, and updated protocols, nurses must constantly refresh and expand their knowledge.

Challenge #3: The importance of patient care

Holistic patient care requires the nurse to take into account not only their physical needs but also their psychological and emotional states. At the same time, a nursing professional must be able to provide all of this physical and psychological care within a typically limited time.

Challenge #4: Leadership in nursing: Developing necessary skills

While a nurse must care about improving the well-being of their patients, they must also have the restraint not to be swayed by these same patients, their moods, and sometimes inappropriate behavior. They must possess strong nursing skills and leadership.

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Step 3: Name the Rewards Nursing Can Offer

To make your statement complete, you can also mention the rewards you believe the position of a nurse may bring.

Reward #1: Sense of fulfillment for a nurse practitioner

One of the greatest rewards of nursing is the incomparable feeling of satisfaction from helping others. Seeing patients recover or have their suffering alleviated because of your efforts is the pivot on which nursing rests.

Reward #2: Continuous personal growth in nursing

Every person receiving patient care is a mini-exam that the nurse must pass with flying colors. With each new patient, an NP not only acquires new knowledge and skills but also grows as a person.

Reward #3: Diverse opportunities for professional development for committed nurses

Nursing offers many opportunities for development and specialization. Whether through advanced training, specialized certifications, or moving into leadership roles, nurses have a variety of nursing career paths to choose from and move forward to.

Essential skills for a successful nurse practitioner include clinical competence, communication, critical thinking, empathy, and leadership.

Step 4: Define the Roles and Responsibilities of a Nurse Practitioner

Another important point to include in your “Why I want to be a nurse practitioner” essay is your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a nurse practitioner. This way, you will show your teacher that you are fully aware of what you commit to and know what lies ahead of you.

Again, not for copy-pasting, but for general understanding, here are some lines for your “Why I want to be a nurse practitioner” essay to get some inspiration from:

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who receives specialized schooling to learn all the necessary knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive patient care. Their responsibilities include a range of standardized procedures. The most common are conducting medical examinations and helping patients with various conditions.

NPs must be able to render holistic medical care while looking after the interests of patients and helping doctors coordinate their treatment. The role of a nurse practitioner is not limited to caring for the physiological and psychological well-being of inmates. A dedicated nursing professional should also educate their patients on how they can take care of themselves and what they can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Try to give a general definition of the roles and responsibilities of a nurse practitioner, pointing out the most common ones. You do not need to go into too much detail and spend an entire page of your essay on this part.”

Victoria Davis, TOP-writer at Customwritings.com

Step 5: Share Your Thoughts About the Impact of Nurse Practitioners in Healthcare

After you’ve shared your vision of the roles and responsibilities of nurse practitioners in your “Why I want to be a family nurse practitioner” essay, you can talk about the impact these dedicated professionals have on the healthcare field as a whole. This will reinforce your previous statements and allow your instructor to reassess the depth of your knowledge of the nursing profession.

Try to proceed with the following in your “Why I want to be a nurse practitioner” essay:

First of all, the impact of nurse practitioners in healthcare is in solving the problems of primary medical care, especially in regions where its level is insufficient. They are the ones who are responsible not only for nursing but also for medical care there.

But even where healthcare is at a decent level, dedicated nurses who educate patients can improve their treatment outcomes while effectively controlling medical costs. In this way, people receive proactive help, which prevents their health conditions from worsening while reducing the burden on emergency services.

The ability of nurse practitioners to provide quality patient care regardless of the type of inmate’s needs undoubtedly increases the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system.

Step 6: Conclude with Future Prospects in Nurse Practitioner Careers

In my opinion, it is worth concluding your Why I want to be a nurse practitioner essay with your thoughts on future prospects in nurse practitioner careers. Your teacher will like that you are not only aware of the healthcare challenges and rewards of the profession and understand the roles and responsibilities of nurses but also know what you want to achieve in this profession, namely what nursing career you could build in the future.

You could write something like this in your “Why I want to be a nurse practitioner” essay:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs for nurse practitioners is expected to grow by 40% by 2031. This clearly demonstrates how important and in-demand nursing is. The COVID-19 pandemic played an important role as one of the most prominent healthcare challenges. Nevertheless, nursing has always been one of the most popular professions.

There are many prospects for dedicated nurses who sincerely want to build a good career in their field. To name just a few of the most desirable, these include leadership roles such as clinical directors or healthcare administrators. These positions provide nurses with opportunities to lead healthcare teams, influence policy, and implement innovative models of care. In general, those who strive to move forward professionally can go beyond direct patient care into research and education of the next generation of nurse practitioners.

“Why I Want to Be a Nurse Practitioner” Essay: FAQs

To better understand the issue of Why I want to be a nurse practitioner essay, namely, what basic information it should contain, the respected expert Victoria Davis, TOP-writer at Customwritings.com, Healthcare, and Life Science department, will answer the most common questions about it.

1. What motivates someone to become a nurse practitioner?
A person’s motivation to become a nurse often comes from a desire to positively impact patients’ lives, provide them with quality care, and contribute to the overall improvement of the healthcare system.

2. How do nurse practitioners impact the healthcare system?
Nurses strengthen the healthcare system by providing accessible primary care, improving patient outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and dealing with the shortage of primary care physicians.

3. What are the challenges and rewards of a nursing career?
Nursing brings with it challenges, such as high levels of stress and emotional strain, but it does also bring rewards. These include the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and the satisfaction of providing quality patient care.

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