Why is it so hard for me to study? Am I just lazy?

Plenty of college students find it hard to study

This question worries lots of students. Each time you enter your class or open your homework workbook, you might feel that you are not smart enough to be there. The fear of failing or just getting a bad grade is breathing at your back every day. You are afraid to miss something. You can’t manage all the assignments coming right into your schedule. You might even try some types of doping to cope with all the anxiety. But the question is still there: Has it become too hard to study or am I just not good enough for this?

The CustomWritings team has conducted a small research study for you to check if something has changed for students in the last few years. We’ll share some valuable insights here, and we won’t hide the main conclusion from you; yes, studying is more complicated than before, but you have a weapon to deal with it.

Top universities in the US are very selective

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Why studying is more complicated than it was before

Not so long ago, only a couple of centuries at most, to be an educated person, you merely had to know how to read and be able to cite the bible. Now, that’s not even enough for students at the elementary school level. The volumes of information circulating in the world are far beyond the capacities of a single human’s brain to comprehend all these facts and master all these skills.

Another global feature is that educational establishments are not sure what a “successful” modern specialist should look like. Compare this to the Industrial Revolution period, when everyone knew that with the one education you got, you’d be able to feed your family and take care of yourself, even if you ended up working in a factory for a lifetime. Now, professions are quickly dying, and the bureaucratic machine of education cannot cope with the pace. Thus, the single hope they have is to saturate your educational program with everything possible that might be at least related to your future career.

And no, the personal characteristics of the students themselves haven’t changed much. Some of them are still lazy and will study just to pass their exam, while others are native, natural-born scientists. However, all of them are evenly pressured by the educational system, so let’s take a look at the challenges you have as a student connected with your studying.

Competition between students gets tougher with every year

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Competition for college admission

“The college selection process is the most important in your life!” Don’t you hear that a lot? Well, the thing is that among all the life goals, this one is getting complicated because the competition between colleges is constantly rising and popular educational establishments are becoming even more popular. According to our research, Stanford University’s acceptance rate is only 4.8%, which makes it impossible to achieve without Olympic-level preparation. Why that is so, and if it’s worth it—you’ll never know before you try.

The thing for you here is to keep your big goals realistic. The hardest path is not always the right one for you.

Competition between A-level students

Let’s suppose you’re a student already. You know that strange saying that “the truth is hidden in comparison,” right? Well, that’s another source of stress for students. Because even if you’re good enough to reach the A grade level, you’ll be evaluated in comparison to other A-graders. And there can’t be two kings of one kingdom, as you may guess…

Strict dropout rules

Maybe you’re looking for another answer to the question, “Why is it so hard to study?” Check this one; around 57% of all students won’t graduate because of strict dropout rules. It’s so hard to study and live a typical life at the same time because even the slightest shift in focus from studying to your personal issues can lead to dropping out, and nobody really cares about this problem.

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The design of your educational program

You might have heard this principle before; things work this way by design. Another answer to the question, “Why is it hard to study?” lies in the principles of how your educational program is created. Alongside your main subject, you’ll get packs and packs of related disciplines that will assign you homework without even thinking about allowing you to maintain some kind of balanced workload. Each mentor has to do their job and that’s all you need to know, so there’s little flexibility in such bureaucratic matters.

Personal issues affecting your grades

It would be unfair if we put all the blame on external factors while you are still the main player in the studying field. We’ve discovered a few main mistakes every student makes during their course. Be sure to check them out!

The inability to seek out and request help

No, you’re not too lazy to study; it’s just that you get into trouble by working according to some kind of messed-up homework tempo. Pull yourself together! If you have an intuitive feeling that this is the beginning of the end, don’t waste a minute more—request help with your homework from our team. With our assistance, you’ll get out of the cursed circle of looming deadlines, sleepless nights, and constant headaches.

Just ask for help; this is a solid solution, not a crime.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

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Weak prioritization

So, let’s suppose that you grasp how to be not lazy in studying and revise your time and energy spending. Now, the next trap you might fall into is weak prioritization. That means, for example, starting off with smaller or more familiar tasks instead of those with closer deadlines or of greater complexity. Without prioritizing, you’ll end up with a mess, and no homework schedule will work.

Poor time and energy management

Do you want to know how to not be lazy to study? Write down and consider your time-consuming routines in terms of whether they are related to studying or not. Maybe you’ll discover plenty of actions that drain your energy and leave you with nothing left to do your homework with. Energy management is important, and you have to apply your most efficient working time to studying in 90-minute intervals. Of course, don’t forget to rest and relax, but remember that going for a smoke with a cup of coffee or a beer is not even a break; it’s just a bad habit in action.

Why you’re going to be OK anyway

No matter how hard to study it is for you now, if you want it desperately, nothing will stop you. Every difficult period has its end, and you have to believe in yourself and have no doubts that you can manage any homework-filled avalanche that hits you.

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We’ll help you to stay on your feet with our academic writing assistance. Don’t forget to check out our services, which can solve your problems starting today. And no matter how education changes—your graduation’s big day will come for sure!

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