Top US colleges for international students

Top US colleges for international students

Studying in the US may seem hard if you are just about to graduate from high school in your own country. However, becoming an international student is also rewarding. Joining a college or university abroad is a good chance to travel, meet people from across the globe, discover new realities, and learn academics from leading experts. Do you feel like changing your life by becoming an international student? Consider entering one of the schools we labeled as the friendliest and most promising for foreign learners.

The University of California

UC is a world-famous public university that includes 10 colleges in USA for international students. You’ve probably heard of UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and other campuses that are among the leaders in academics and student research. The University of California offers more than 350 study plans along with some fantastic PhD programs in USA. UC openly encourages foreign students to apply, which makes it exactly the right place to make friends with people from all over the world. All UC colleges offer scholarships and grants to help with your tuition. As one of the oldest and most notable academic establishments in the US, UC cares about its students by ensuring a wide range of extracurriculars along with scientific and public events on campus. You will never get bored if you choose to study at the University of California.

San Diego State University, CA

This is another school friendly to everyone who wishes to study in America. Besides its beautiful seaside location, San Diego State University offers 96 undergraduate, 80 masters, and 21 doctoral degree programs. This establishment is certainly smaller than the University of California, but it is famous for its public health programs, sports teams, and research and innovation centers. It also has broad opportunities for international students. Exchange programs are available to everyone, and you can easily join the SDSU student community. Besides the extensive opportunities it offers, this university is also affordable. The minimal cost of studying in USA for international students stays around $11,880 at SDSU.

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San Francisco State University, CA

If you want to proceed with business studies, filmmaking, or ethnic education, pay attention to San Francisco State University. It has the best College of Ethnic Studies in the country, some notable business schools, and film schools that have been acknowledged by The Hollywood Reporter. Speaking of academics, SFSU has 73 degrees and more than 500 courses to offer. Here, they don’t cram more than 30 students into one class, allowing them to learn comfortably and get help from teachers. If you always wanted to study in US but are worried about money, keep an eye out for the on-campus job opportunities, internships, and international scholarships SFSU can offer. Besides, the tuition fee doesn’t exceed $8,000 for two semesters.

New York University

NYU is another large and famous educational institution that you should consider applying to. With main campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, the university can offer any academic program you can think of. Here, you can earn a degree alongside 40,000 students from all over the world, and extracurricular programs on campus will keep your college years exciting. And if you are looking for a PhD scholarship in USA, NYU is the place to find such a program. Just choose whichever campus you like, and don’t be late with your application.

The State University of New York

If you are looking for an affordable university that values the diversity of its students, SUNY could be your best choice. Here you can meet a plethora of students from various backgrounds that will make you feel like the whole world is being represented on campus. Thanks to grants and scholarships, many of these students are debt-free, another point that will very likely be important to you. SUNY offers plenty of academic programs, research opportunities, and business experience to its students. You can become a part of this global community and enjoy your student life here.

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The City University of New York

Another popular school in New York City, CUNY offers a number of valuable opportunities to its students. 25 colleges and more than 1,700 academic programs can meet the expectations of any international learner. If you are a graduate student, you can choose from among 800 programs at 15 colleges across the city. This university provides financial aid, and you can even apply here through a student exchange program. Choose CUNY if you like urban settings and want to spend your student years in New York City.

Columbia University, NY

While Google searching “study abroad USA,” you will certainly come across Columbia University. It’s a private Ivy League university that attracts thousands of students in pursuit of the best higher education on the market. It may not be one of the cheapest colleges in USA, but it is definitely among the oldest ones. Columbia University offers programs in almost every area of study. You can also get involved in New York State-based civic and economic activities using the opportunities this university offers. And of course, Columbia University has a lush campus life, with plenty of arts and sports available to its students.

The University of Florida

Here is one more school popular among international students. The University of Florida has a 2,000-acre campus that employs energy-efficient technology. It’s an excellent college for everyone interested in science and environmental development. The University of Florida focuses on keeping their labs and research facilities up-to-date and stays empowered with land, sea and space grants. Their Emerging Pathogens Institute functions at the national level by raising awareness about new health threats. Like every other college we’ve already mentioned, UF has a diverse list of academic programs and ensures a balanced on-campus life for every student.

It can be difficult to choose from among so many well-known American universities. All of the aforementioned schools offer worthy study plans and great extracurriculars. Still, you should pay additional attention to the location, housing conditions, and any other opportunities to confirm that they meet your individual needs. We hope a university from this list will help you earn the degree of your dreams.

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