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Studying in the US

Before the new term begins, thousands of international students flock to the US to continue their education. Despite many political and economic reasons that hinder migration, the number of foreign students in American colleges and universities still exceeds 1 million. 

The prices are high, and many high school graduates consider continuing their studies in the UK, or in European and Asian countries. Still, a few top-rate universities in the US require need-blind admissions and can offer full-need financial aid for international candidates. On the top of the list, you can find Princeton (the No. 1 school for international students according to Forbes), Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, and Amherst.

Despite the cost, the names of these institutions speak for themselves. By getting a degree in one of these schools, you can easily implement your career opportunities in any field you like. If your academic ambition is really strong, here are 10 more US colleges and universities to consider. 

Columbia University

This is the second-most popular Ivy League institution after Harvard, which is situated in Upper Manhattan, New York City. Since its foundation in 1754, Columbia university schooled three US presidents as well as a few Nobel laureates and Oscar winners. The university includes 20 schools and several research institutes all over the world. Columbia University’s campus occupies around six city blocks in the Morningside Heights district of New York. It has 7,800  faculty members, students, and staff. 

California Institute of Technology

This institution is one of the top science and engineering research and education hubs in the world. The California Institute of Technology is primarily aimed at teaching technical arts and applied sciences. Today it hosts the Einstein Paper Center, an initiative that works to preserve and publish writings from the estate of Albert Einstein. The innovation center of CalTech keeps inventing new methods to generate fuel from solar energy. Despite the name, the institution offers wonderful opportunities for studying music, theater, and the visual arts.

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

If you are a fan of the arts and associate your future with a creative occupation, this academic institution is just the one for you. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is a notable private college in Manhattan. This oldest hub of higher education in the US provides an excellent knowledge of the arts as well as architecture and engineering. You can also get courses in the humanities and social sciences there. Visual arts are still the major specialization of this school. Through eight semesters, you will get a solid social base as well as learn critical analysis that will help you become a top creative practitioner in your field. 

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Stanford University

This is truly the heart of innovation and high-tech in US education. The “billionaire factory” produced such notable alumni as Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Tiger Woods, and more. Stanford has one of the largest campuses in the US. Situated in Silicon Valley, it attracts the most ambitious international students every year. Here you can find every specialization you can think of, from technology to humanities. 

Babson College

A private institution, Babson College is younger than most schools on this list. Established in 1919, Babson encourages experiments and creativity in business and beyond. If your field of interest lies within economics and business, this school can be the right choice for you. With a campus in the suburbs near Boston, Babson College can offer you plenty of sporting, cultural, and recreational opportunities. 

University of Pennsylvania

Another Ivy League school, UPenn has a strong focus on interdisciplinary studies. The competition for a place in this school is tough, but it offers excellent double degree programs, unique majors, and as much academic flexibility as a student may need. If you are into the arts or sciences, these programs are superb at UPenn. Here, student life is as diverse as its curriculum, so you will not lack sports, cultural, or social activities on campus. 

Claremont McKenna College

If you are into business management and political sciences, look closely at this liberal arts college. It also includes The Keck Centre for International and Strategic Studies, a research center named after philanthropist W.M. Keck who generously donated to many faculties of Claremont McKenna. The Keck Sciences department will give you a solid knowledge of biology, physics, and chemistry. The Mgrublian Center for Human Rights, another part of the college, offers summer internship programs to students from all over the world. 

University life

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Georgetown University

One of the institutions most supportive to international students, Georgetown offers exciting opportunities for studying, research, and campus recreation in Washington, D.C. The university issues scholarships, loans, and other kinds of financial assistance to its students. Georgetown encompasses 9 schools, all influenced by the Jesuit tradition of the institution. Here you can study liberal arts, sciences, international relations, law, medicine, business administration, public policy, and more disciplines. This is a wonderful place for you to study if you want to take care of the community after graduation. 

Brown University

Here is another private institution of the Ivy League based in Providence, Rhode Island. Brown is particularly good at teaching development studies, economics, and the English language and literature. This liberal arts college has a strong commitment to sustainability. Brown is also friendly to international students, as it offers grants and scholarships to ease the financial burden of pupils. 

New York University

The last institution on our top-15 list is NYU. One of the top educational institutions in New York City, this university has campuses all over the world and offers great prospects of educating abroad. NYU is a perfect option for you if you cannot go study in the US. Its main campus is located in Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, which is also a fascinating place to live and learn.

Whatever university you choose, remember about your dreams and ambitions. They should guide you and determine what place is best for you. Work hard and enroll for scholarship programs at your university. They will help you to get your desired degree in many schools across the US. 


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