Top 10 Student Tools for Learning in 2021

Learning is never as fun as it is depicted in the movies. Parties, parties, skipping classes, and again parties – Nah, it does not work like that. Nevertheless, today’s students are even more sophisticated when it comes to learning, hence, they possess even more tools to facilitate their studying. Let’s cover the top 10 learning tools in 2021 that will surely come in handy.

Best Tools to Have at Hand for Every Student

Technologies are now impressive since you can basically do everything online. The same story with learning and studying. By entering the browser, and the best friend of every person – Google, you may solve any puzzle or riddle. Based on students’ feedback, the following tools made their lives better:

1. YouTube

Do not tell one that you are shocked. YouTube plays a vital role in every learning process. Instead of reading a book, you may simply type the necessary topic in the search bar of YouTube, and find dozens of suggestions for you. There are videos, lessons, and tutorials for any learning preference. Beyond that, there are many channels that are owned by universities and professors themselves.

2. Zoom

Unfortunately due to the pandemic worldwide, hardly every educational establishment was closed. The studies were sent to the online environment, and every student had to deal with a new video program – Zoom. Of course, there are many debates around it as well as negative comments from relatives of students about its relevance and functionality, but you may learn with it painlessly. You may gather with your friends and discuss everything regarding the upcoming lesson.

3. DuoLingo

This app was launched back in 2011, and by now, it is a go-choice for all students who want to improve or learn a new language. It features the most popular languages as well as rare ones. You may set up the app to notify you about lessons every day or 2-3-4 times per week, how you wish. By completing every online lesson, you earn points and EARN knowledge. It really helps to expand the vocabulary.

4. Trello

Trello is a collaboration platform that makes it easier to work with a team or study with your friends or classmates. Actually, it looks like a board where all your tasks or homework for the upcoming day or week are mentioned. You may set up the deadlines or edit every card with additional requirements or attachments. By granting access to your board, other people may make edits as well. Trello helps to stay organized.

5. Udemy

This is one of the most popular online course platforms. It basically has it all for your learning and studying. You choose any course, for instance, engineering, and search it. Why do students like it? It is definitely a tool of 2021 since there are all trending courses on future professions including hardly any specialization in the IT-sphere. Note, the courses should be paid for, however, it is a good investment.

6. Kindle

Another way of learning is to rely on books. Instead of keeping dozens of books in your room, you may simply download hundreds of them to this app. Kindle is an e-book application where you may store your books, underlined sentences, and favorite quotes. This app was developed by Amazon, so you do not have to doubt the quality. Note, there are payments as well, however, they are moderate.


No list about learning tools may be complete without TED-ED. You are most likely to know about this platform. It is an online spot where speakers gather to discuss important problems, news in the world. TED-ED is another solution for students and professors to gather and discuss lessons or particular topics. You are always free to join and share your ideas about one or another point of view.

8. Edmodo

Edmondo is kind of a social network for teachers and students. There might be groups for one class that are administered by teachers. Beyond that, there are some kinds of online diaries where teachers evaluate the students’ performance. Finally, there are pages where teachers may directly communicate with the students’ parents. Some people believe that such apps are the future since there won’t be any need in visiting classes in person soon. Let’s see how it will be.

9. Socrative

Another magic tool for teachers who want to entertain their students. This is an app where lessons and tests can be generated to check how one or another student understands the learned material or lesson. You may use a laptop or mobile phone, it is pretty convenient. Note, this app was not intentionally made to show who the loser in the class is but to find out what materials students understand best or worse and then modify the studying process.

10. Pomodoro

This learning tool is around for many years but 2021 without it is still impossible. It is actually the technique that helps to divide your learning and studying process into blocks. You divide the process into 25-minute intervals and study better. It helps to have a prolific time for studying one lesson and then equally relax to not overload your brain. Note, it is a free technique that you may easily learn online, or you may download dozens of apps where it is used.

That’s pretty it for now. If you look for more tools, you may do the next. Refer to the number 1 tool for enhancing your learning, and type there the best tools of 2021. It is all easy, however, to ensure you first find free or cheap tools for practice. There are many solutions that can easily make you throw money down the drain.

As you may see most of the apps are around for years among students and graduates. They all equally help to enhance learning and studying processes. They allow students to master every task they set for themselves. Hardly every app or tool is free of charge, however, there might be some voluntary contributions to support developers.

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