Where can I write my essay: 6 tips to organize your study space

Where can I write my essay: 6 tips for students

Paper writing is an essential part of college life that allows students to deepen their understanding of the subject, improve their writing abilities, and gain new vital skills. However, becoming an advanced essay writer is a challenging task that takes a lot of effort.

A critical factor in your writing efficiency is the space you choose to study in. We selected the most effective and helpful recommendations on creating your perfect learning spot to boost your inspiration.

Create a comfortable study space

A quiet library or a cozy home office are perfect examples of a good study space where you can concentrate on your task. However, there are some important requirements that make your learning convenient.

First of all, your study spot needs to be comfortable as you will be spending a lot of time there. Sitting slouched with your neck constantly bent or leaning forward to your screen will reflect poorly on your posture and overall well-being, especially if it happens daily for extended periods of time. Choose ergonomic furniture that suits your body’s parameters or can be adjusted accordingly. By selecting a comfortable table and chair and placing your laptop properly, you will take the strain from your back, preventing headaches, muscle pain, and fatigue, and preserving your overall health in the long run.

Dedicate your workspace solely to learning, even if it is small—this way, your brain will associate it with studying, which aids in avoiding distractions. Choose a good desk lamp to make your study area well-lit and avoid straining your eyes. Also, anyone who writes essays for a long time has to rest, so don’t forget about taking a break from time to time too.

Organize your study spot

Clutter and disorder on your desk may eventually drive you mad and diminish productivity—not to mention that it doesn’t look professional. Buy specialized organizers and filing cabinets to allocate your office supplies—this approach will also ensure that you won’t have to search for your belongings if you need them quickly.

Don’t forget to clean up after each study session, keeping your workspace neat and organized as it is the best example of a good study spot. Hide stuff you’re not currently using, so it doesn’t clutter your desk. A messy desk is a bad study spot as it seriously impairs your productivity and ability to concentrate on the writing process.

Organizing your space is a key to productivity

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Minimize distractions

Whether you’re writing at home, in a coffee shop, or in a library, everything around you seems bent on attracting your attention, making you wonder. Averting your attention from the task at hand makes your work process slower and less productive, and soon you will wonder, “How should I do my essay quicker?” However, the main reason for distractions is usually always beside you, as each phone notification brings you closer to losing focus.

Turn off your phone notifications: usually, they serve as the most common distraction, causing your concentration to slip in favor of checking messages, news, or videos online. Limit your use of gadgets to the simplest app tools if they are strictly necessary for your studies, or switch your phone altogether. You might also warn your friends and relatives that you won’t be available because of your study session so they won’t try to talk to you during this time. There are also specialized apps that help you focus on your learning, such as Focus To Do or Freedom.

Employ professional help in your studies

Of course, sometimes you can’t find the right words or ideas for your writing, or there’s not much time left before the deadline, or you just are too stressed to concentrate on your assignment. In this case, no need to struggle endlessly and berate yourself for this lack of productivity—simply concentrate on making your studies more effective. You can turn for expert assistance by searching for a free sample online or ordering an example of the essay you need to write from a professional service.

You can use it as a source of inspiration, an example for properly structuring and formatting your own paper, or even as a rough draft. However, don’t forget to check the reviews and ratings for your chosen website before placing an order to verify its reliability.

Develop a pleasant and productive atmosphere

While your study space needs to be neat and organized, there is no need to create a lifeless and strict atmosphere. On the contrary, even a few cheap but cute and personalized trinkets will make your desk more cozy and pleasant, so select some decorations that inspire you or put you in the mood for work.

Some people pin posters with inspirational words on their walls, while others prefer to put their academic prizes and certificates to remind themselves of their accomplishments. In this case, everything depends on your personality—choose anything you’re comfortable with. This way, you won’t have to dream of asking someone, “Please, write my paper for me,” as you will be able to complete it with your own effort.

Create the atmosphere you will like if you want to study well

Photo by annmariephotography on Pixabay

Photo by annmariephotography on Pixabay

Use specialized apps and programs to follow the schedule

Managing your schedule by yourself is challenging: but you don’t have to strain yourself as modern technical achievements open a plethora of possibilities before you. Use one of the multiple apps aimed to help you manage your time: daily to-do lists, reminders, and planners concentrated in one single program. There are various options as these apps are quite popular among students, so you can try a few alternatives to determine which suits you best. Take a look at Evernote, 2Do or Focus Booster, or select another program according to your preferences.

You need a lot of practice to become an effective and productive essay writer: finding free expert tips, researching new sources, and drafting a story takes time and effort. However, if you want to increase and develop your skills, first, you have to spend some time and effort creating a productive learning space.

Choose comfy furniture to prevent health problems and keep your study spot clean and organized. Avoid distractions as much as you can: the best idea would be switching your phone off or using it sparingly. However, digital devices can actually be helpful in your studies, so try some time-managing apps to follow your schedule strictly. If you still can’t find your inspiration, don’t hesitate to pay professional writers for a quality essay example. Finally, make sure that your study space is pleasant and comfortable—so you will actually be able to enjoy your writing process.

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