12 tips on how to make your spring break memorable

Christmas holidays may have only recently passed, but even so, now is the right time to get ready for your spring break 2020. Taking this vacation is a perfect chance to reinvigorate before your finals or graduation, which are actually not too far away. Hopefully, you won’t spend this week binge-watching TV shows, but instead schedule the trip of your dreams. To make planning easier, we have picked a few of the best spring break destinations that will make your journey enjoyable. Still wondering what it takes to make a great vacation? Here are our best guesses.

1. Take care of your college tasks

You may start planning while your studies are still in full swing. At that point, you need to make sure that you submit all of your papers on time. This may be the boring part, but you don’t want any college routine hanging over your perfect holiday. So, you need to get rid of your student debts before the vacation begins. Take care of urgent assignments yourself or ask for academic help.

2. Estimate your student budget

Before you decide where to spend your college spring break 2020, evaluate the extent of your financial resources. Take into account how much money you need to cover bills if there are any and how much you will require when you get back. You have most likely been saving for a while to make this trip possible, but make sure you don’t spend all of the money you have on a vacation. 


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3. Write to your parents

As you are about to travel to some beautiful place, you may have no time to pay a visit to your family who you perhaps have not seen since Christmas. Nevertheless, take a few minutes to make a call or write them a warm email. Most colleges and universities only give their students a week of spring break, so it is okay for you to choose only one destination.

4. Consider visiting sun-lit corners of the US

If you are not ready to travel too far away, we recommend that you consider some beautiful spring destinations within the US. For this guide, we have chosen Miami Beach and Panama City Beach as exciting places for spring breakers. Miami Beach will impress you with its vibrant nightlife, and you will find plenty of affordable restaurants and hotels in the North Miami Beach. If you are looking for a more laid-back approach, Panama City Beach is an amazing place in Florida that will allow you to rest in full. This warm-weather hub is also quite affordable around March.

5. Plan a trip to Mexico for some more sun in the winter

In March, it is really likely that you will need to seriously recharge your batteries. When you are worn-out from studying and managing a tight schedule, the sunny Mexican weather is exactly what you need. Pay attention to the beaches of Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, both of which are top destinations for American students because you can take cheap spring break trips there. Cancun is a city teeming with idyllic places and fashionable night clubs. If you prefer a cozy, small-town atmosphere, choose Puerto Vallarta.  

6. Find an idyllic place in the Carribean 

The Carribean isles are undeniably charming. Only a few hours flight from Miami, and you end up in the middle of a summer fairytale. Take a closer look at Puerto Rico and Jamaica, as they may be a bit more affordable for a student in March. There, you can enjoy fantastic views, one-of-a-kind latin music, and a hot summer all year round. We can imagine no better place for a student to get inspiration and energy.


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7. Stick to walking and sightseeing 

For however long you spend in exotic places, try to experience as many positive emotions as you can. Hopefully you don’t intend to waste nights clubbing and days sleeping in your room. Have a good party or two, but don’t forget to go out and see what’s unique about the city itself. Visit a few tourist destinations, swim in the ocean, and always stay on the move. You will probably have plenty of sedentary work to do in your life, so at least drop it while you are on vacation.

8. Enjoy some good food

Don’t forget to eat fruits and vegetables during your spring break. Luckily, it won’t be hard in the Caribbean isles or Mexico. Forget about starchy snacks for a while and buy fresh food from the market instead. Eat out and try some local specialties, but be careful with exotic dishes if you have a sensitive stomach—Mexican cuisine can be spicy. Nevertheless, take the chance to try something new while you are away from the US.

9. Don’t overuse alcohol

Partying can be right at the top of your to-do list for this spring break. Even so, moderate your booze if you want to rest well. A hangover several mornings in a row will do you no favours and will just leave you exhausted in the end. Opt for a cocktail or two, if you fancy them. After all, there are plenty of other things to keep you cheerful at the party besides booze. 

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10. Take pictures of everything you like 

Even if you have nothing but a cellphone, always capture beautiful moments when visiting exotic places. You will enjoy viewing them somewhere down the line, and these pictures will motivate you to travel even more. You may also share some lovely views with friends and family. 

11. Make some friends

Meeting new people is always exciting, so don’t shy away from the pleasant local people you meet on your way. If your introversion allows it, have a small chat when drinking your morning coffee or buying snacks on the beach. Perhaps your next invaluable connection will be with someone you haven’t met yet. 

12. Keep your memories visible

When your spring break is over and you come back home, surround yourself with pleasant things that remind you of this warm and bright vacation. They will cheer you up and motivate you to keep at it when you get overwhelmed by studies. 

These are only a few suggestions on how to arrange your spring holidays and what to do on a trip. Feel free to make up your own vacation scenario. In any case, make sure you fill your life away from campus with as many positive emotions and as much fun as you can fit into seven days. 

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