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Wild Birds

February 13, 2008

Feeding or watching of backyard birds or wild birds is popularly known as birding. It is one of the popular outdoor activities of people all around the world. Parks, farms and other peaceful areas have become popular habitat of these wild birds everywhere. Growing watching and feeding these feathered friends helps children as well as others to explore the fascinating features of nature at their doorstep itself. Bird lovers try to attract variety of wild birds to the courtyards by offering quality feeding stuff in their premises.

The kind of food offered and the hygiene of the bird feeder are crucial factors in the matter of attracting and keeping wild birds. The variety and number of birds visiting the campus also depends upon the duration, attention and consistency given shown by the bird watchers to their colorful guests. Watching, identifying and classifying of wild birds visiting the backyard oasis will help learn about wild birds since they are popularly grouped on the basis of physical specialties like size, feather color, beak shape and so on.

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