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Arab-Israeli Conflict

Arabs and Israeli Jews live together for long centuries. They have completely different religions, but they are two strong, perspective folks and if they lived peacefully together they would be able to develop and prosper. But this is not happening. They argue around the land, kill each other’s people, destroy settlements and make everything to make each others life unbearable. The quarrels do not stop for more than a century. Big countries such as US and Russia are trying to help, but often they make the situation even worse. There are a few points in the history which show the character of both folks and their willingness to be recognized and respected. There were a few big conflicts about which I want to talk. They are the six-day war which happened in 1967, the war of the year 1973, and of course about intifada of the year 1987. Also very important are political movements of both Arabs and Jews and they will be discussed too in my paper. They are important because we can see how they struggle to establish their states and fight off their land.

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