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Essay on Macbeth and Wuthering

October 18, 2011

Example Essay on Macbeth and Wuthering:
Macbeth and Catherine are two characters from the books Macbeth and Wuthering heights respectively. The two characters have some similar characteristics like the many conflicts they have in their life. Macbeth faces difficulty when he is trying to kill his friend Duncan. His wife urges him to do it. Duncan is a good soldier with a good character. The death of Duncan would hurt many people. This makes it hard for him to kill his friend. His wife tells him he will leave him if he does not kill him. He finally agrees to do it. His conflict with himself does not leave him in peace. He finally decides to deal with it in the after life. Macbeth feels forced to pick between his friend and his wife and finally picks his wife. This is evident when he says

“It were done quickly. If the assassination

Could trammel up the consequence, and catch,

With his surcease, success; that but this blow

Might be the be-all and the end-all -here,

But here, upon this bank and shoal of time,

We’ld jumps the life to come. But in these cases

We still have judgment here that we but teach

Bloody instructions, which being taught return

To plague the inventor.”…

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