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How to Write a Research Essay on Applied Anthropology in Real Life

December 14, 2015

Writing a research essay is a more scientific rather than creative task, one which you will be assigned many times throughout the duration of your academic career. This type of writing is one which forces you to focus your efforts on the following:

1) Narrow down a Topic

The topic you select has to be something that you can cover in the span of pages or word count allotted to you. This is one of the most challenging items for students, as often the first topic selected is too broad. You cannot, for example, write about “the differences between Hmong and western medicine” in five pages; people have written books hundreds and thousands of pages in length and still not covered everything in this topic. You would instead, have to narrow it down to one aspect of medicine, or one area of conflict, such as the treatment of an infection with antibiotics versus herbal teas, or how effective some herbal remedies are to traditional ailments, even though they are not always sponsored by western doctors.

Note: You should search for something that is interesting to you if you can. The more passionate you are about the topic, the more that passion will flow through your work and the more your teacher will notice. Scan the topics we suggest, maybe you’ll find something you’ll write about….

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How to Write a Research Essay on Apache Native Americans

The research essay is a scientific form of writing, one which is typically done for social science courses or as a follow up assignment to a lab or experiment you conducted. Research based writing is less creative, has more a formal structure, and requires you to back up everything you claim with evidence. Evidence can come in the form of data, statistics, or quotes from an expert in the field, etc…

Research essays require you to spend time, as the name would suggest, researching the topic. Your goal is to learn as much about your topic as possible so that you can support each claim you make and refute any opposition.

When you are working on a piece like this, you want to first brainstorm some topics that are of personal interest to you. The more interested you are in the topic, the easier the research will be and the more passionate your arguments. If you are already familiar to some degree with a topic that is even better because it will reduce the amount of time you spend on background research. If possible, you can always tie in two or more ideas about which seem to you challenging and exciting. For example, you can relate your topic of Apache Native Americans to cultural changes in the US, so long as you present evidence to support your claims….

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