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How to Write a Controversial Essay on Alfred Russel Wallace vs Charles Darwin

Writing a controversial essay is often a challenge for students because of the delicate nature of the controversy itself; it can be difficult to present information that is both factual and well-balanced, especially when the issues are topics about which both sides feel strongly. Many of the most popular controversial essay topics are considered popular social issues about which people make their decisions based on personal religious affiliations or personal values. It is for this reason that people tie stronger emotional holds to their opinions and take any presentation of the opposition first and foremost as an attack on their related affiliation or values. For this reason primarily, it is imperative that such a writing assignment remain free from personal bias, be full of factual information to substantiate the points, and be critical and thoughtful in the analysis and not “preachy”.

While the overall goal in a controversial essay is similar to any argumentative piece, such that you want to convince your reader with facts and evidence that your side is best, it is nonetheless imperative that you do so in so delicate and confident a fashion that you do not taunt the opposition, use name calling, or imply that it is inferior, but merely that it is not as well supported with evidence as your side….

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