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Tag Archive 'work and motivation'

Work and Motivation

February 18, 2008

Considering today’s scenario of a fast paced lifestyle, skyrocketing expenses and the constant struggle for a decent survival, money seems to be the only answer and the only driving force. The sole aim of education is to provide a sense of independence to an individual, but independence in the present context is not limited to making one’s own decisions or solving mortal problems- it largely relates to the monetary capacity of a person and the ability to sustain himself and his family with regard to materialistic comforts and needs.

What motivates a person to frantically look for employment, bear the brunt of bosses and stick to a boring job that requires long working hours and exhausting responsibilities? Most often the factor involved is the money! Although some people may have professional or personal interests in a particular job profile, the “M-factor” tops the list of priorities….

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