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Essay on Online Music Purchases

September 2, 2010

Free sample essay on Essay on Online Music Purchases:
As the internet and it’s rapidly expanding business technology continues rise, the demand for “easier” ways to purchase is also increasing. The online market encompasses all forms of business from automobile parts to concert tickets. However, one of the most sought after expeditions of the webmasters is a way to sell music to listeners all while avoiding copyright infringement practices. The article I read dealt with this issue directly. Apple Computers has finally made software that allows users to purchase songs by artists for the set price of $1. The listeners also have the ability to purchase entire albums for $10. This has been a huge step because finally full albums are cheaper online than one can find in any music store. Another bonus of the software is that unlike many of its competitor’s versions, the users may use the songs to their liking after download and payment is received. In many of the other programs, the customer’s use of the songs was tracked and they could be held at fault if they burned those files to a recordable device. The program that Apple devised was given the name iTunes Music Store. It can be found at www.applemusic.com. The software also comes with precautionary settings that disallow the users to mass produce CD’s. …

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