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Antiviral Drug Technology Lucrative Milestone in Drug Production

February 25, 2008

The most profitable pharmaceutical production technologies lie locked up inside the biggest pharmaceutical companies labs. Evaluation of those procedures may be understandable the best during outbreaks of viral diseases.

Discovery of antiviral drugs was the biggest health treatment breakthrough (3). However, those drugs production needs investing great amount of money as to allow use of combinational chemistry aided with computer designs, molecular biology (3) and other high specific technologies. But thanks to them we can receive drugs saving our lives. Infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi are very well treatable those days. The ones caused by viruses are only under development. …

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The Mission of the Community College

February 22, 2008

South Carolina. Minority students represent 6 to 8 percent of all students enrolled in higher education, yet they constitute nearly 60 percent of the total enrollment in community colleges. These enrollment trends have been consistent over the last 25 years (Nora 1993).

Attrition rates of both minorities and non-minorities continue to be a serious problem in most community colleges. Figures on the persistence rates of community college students reported 10 or even 20 years ago are no different today than those cited in earlier studies.

In a national study of minority and non-minority student populations in both two and four-year institutions, attrition rates for all groups are still high. While the attrition rates at certain institutions may imply that students are not dropping out as much as in the past, the researchers note that the withdrawal trend at community colleges is still widespread, especially with regard to minority students. …

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Drugs and Pharma Industry

February 20, 2008

The cost involved in the discovery, manufacturing and marketing effective drugs has increased during the past few decades. More and more disease conditions are studied and research and development has become more competitive in Pharma industry. In addition to the cost, the safety and effectiveness of the industry has been tightly regulated by the federal agencies which obliges the industry to make safe drugs to tackle wide variety of disease conditions. Therefore the role of technology in providing a competitive edge in research and development is more important in today’s pharmaceutical sector….

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Electronic Commerce and Focus on Core

February 12, 2008

Many factors contribute to a company’s success or failure. Company is defined by more than just its product or service. An effective organisation has much strength in its favour to remain competitive. Factors such as: flexibility, creativity, openness to use of technology and innovations, a balance between core and context, communication across the organisation and talented employees are a must for competitive advantage (Wignaraja 2004). It is an organisation’s ability to adjust to changing times that creates a foundation for the public to admire. Integrity is crucial. Upholding the company’s value system and word to the public remains a key facet for success. Building any strategy or campaign on this premise presents the best possible and true corporate image to the public and allows for a great amount of trust to form. This paper will explore the notion that an organisation has greater ability to focus on the core when it utilises available technologies and resources to handle its context. This may mean outsourcing some of their processes in order to gain greater optimisation. First, the organisation must have the ability to value technology and innovation. Today’s telecommunication is a triumph for human ingenuity and spontaneous order. In some parts it embodies leading edge technology like Asynchronous Transfer Mode but really it is the use of new technologies combined with older ones that makes the Internet so fascinating and vital to business. Specifically the Internet ends distance limitations and it empowers individuals in important new ways to create new enterprise (Gasman 2005, p. 2). The Internet is relatively vast in its freedom. Unlike the traditional telephone, the Internet is not charged by the mile or any distance. This brings people together….

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Accounting Informational Systems

February 4, 2008

Just several years before, people, whose work consisted in conducting the financial account of organization, were engaged in much more tedious work than now. Now, these workers are helped by machines – computers, the computer programs are specially created for the conducting of such kind of work. Some people can say that before also existed such «machines», but do you remember how much nerves it cost for you just to reprint this miserable payment because of casual jamming of the keys?! Before, work which was conducting during the whole day by several workers, computer makes immediately, you just need to enter information and all is done. So what does it mean actually “It is the golden age for small and middle-size business”? It means that for the conducting of business, businessmen don’t necessary need to hire a lot of skilled employees, they can simply purchase good computer with specialized, for their type of business software. In this way owners of the business will save money (decreasing amount of money spending on salaries and production) and produce more free time in oder to do something else for earning more money….

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