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Young Women and Smoking Essay

October 27, 2011

Young Women and Smoking Essay:
The number of young women who smoke has significantly increased over time. As Alkhamees states, more than a third of female students in high schools smoke at least a cigarette in month”. Alkhamees, in his article: “Young Women and Smoking” explores the reason as to why young women smoke and also provide the possible remedies to help curb the situation. I strongly agree with the writer that the number of young women who smoke has increased. The purpose of this paper is to confirm the causes of smoking among young women and the possible solutions to help managing alarming situation.

As Alkhamees suggests, celebrities have greatly had a negative influence on personalities and health of their fans. Superstars including Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse have publicly taken insane amount of drugs without caring the impact it had on the society. Movie stars light up cigarettes in almost each movie. According to a survey conducted by Teen Link magazine, nearly 88% to 92% of the top thirty movie hits on the box office ratings have been involved in tobacco use. What these celebrities fail to understand is that these movies are watched by many people around the world and therefore, the media greatly participates in defining what people in a given region do or consider right or wrong. Some teenage girls lay their hands on tobacco when dealing with stress and eventually ended up being addicted to it. …

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