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Cable is better than Satellite Speech

November 10, 2011

In the early days of Cable TV, many people would not have taken cable seriously given that many people doubted whether people would pay for something they could get for free. In its initial period cable was seen as only useful for people who lived in areas with limited access to free to air TV. Today Cable has become a big business as it now competes with satellite TV in the provision of television services. Since consumers always want the best there has been a great controversy on what is better; is it cable TV or Satellite. While Satellite has its advantages such as better reception quality, and better interactive controls, it has to be acknowledged that cable offers more in terms of pricing, equipment, and programming.

The equipment used for cable is relatively cheaper than satellite equipment. Cable is usually advantageous to users who feel that they do not need digital programming as only a television set is required to start receiving signals from cable as opposed to satellite. For subscribers who prefer digital programming they will have to purchase a TV converter box and a remote the same as satellite (Keating 273). Cable has the advantage over satellite in that it does not require set top boxes for each TV as satellite does. Cable is also less cumbersome than satellite since satellite TV usually requires the installation of dishes or a set of dishes in order to be connected. Satellite also comes with digital video recorders which the client has to pay for upfront as opposed to the equipment of Cable which belongs to the cable company and the client is not required to make payments towards it. Satellite dishes are cumbersome and present a degree of danger since they have to be installed on the roof or wall of the residence. Satellite dishes are also present challenges in some areas since they require unobstructed locations which may be hard for people who rent houses as they may live in houses in which an obstructed view is impossible leading to poor quality or no signal at all (Luckham and Wedell 35). Some landlords may also not take kindly to the installation of satellite dishes on their houses which makes cable more suitable….

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